Thursday, October 29, 2020

How To Reduce Website Spam Score?

Did you know what is website spam scores and how to reduce it? The search engine will not rank the website whose spam score is high or very high. In this informative post, I will explain to you how to check the spam score of a website or blog and how to reduce website spam score?  

How to reduce website spam score

The spam score of your website depends on the website/blog content and the websites connected to your site. For better spam scores, it is mandatory to write unique content and link with high DA/PA websites.  

What is a Spam Score?

In 2015, Moz released a rating system for the website which is known as Spam Score. The spam score of any website is the predicted chance of spam on it. The spam score is given based on the content of your website and backlinks to other websites.

Generally, the spam score ranges from 1% to 100%, the Moz shows it in 1 to 17 flags. Which is divided into 3 parts – 0 to 4,  5 to 7, and 8 to 17. For better visibility of the website on the search results, it is necessary to create backlinks. But most of the people accidentally create backlinks from spam websites. In this way, the spam on their website is increased. 

One of the biggest disadvantages of having a high spam score is that Google will not rank and may penalize your website.  No matter how much you did SEO for the website, Google will not your website page. So, it is compulsory to reduce the spam scores for ranking on the search engine results (SERPs). Let’s know how to find website spam and how to reduce website spam scores.

How To Check Website Spam Score Online?

Moz provides a tool named is – Link Explorer to check website spam scores. With the help of this excellent tool, you can easily find out the Spam Score of your site without purchasing any third-party tool.  The following steps of this tool are mentioned below – 

§  First of all, Go to the Link Explorer Tool.  

§  After that, Copy and Paste the URL of your website.

§  Now, add the website link and click on the Search button.

§  Then, click on the Spam Score in the left navigation menu.

§  At last, here you can view or check the spam score of your website.

In this way, you can effortlessly find out the spam score of your website/blog with the utilization of the Moz Link Explorer Tool. There are several tools that are available on the internet which check the check spam score. 

If you search by keywords – “spam score checker tools" in Google or any other search engines, then you will get many spam checker tools on the search engine results pages such that -,, and many more. 

What is the Ideal Spam Score?

It is important to know – How much spam score is ideal or safe. According to Moz, the spam score is divided into 3 parts which are mentioned below –

§  If your website's spam score is 0 to 4, then it can be ignored.

§  But, if 5 to 7 spam score triggers as a danger zone.

§  If the spam score of a website is 8 to 17, which means that it is very high and Google can penalize your site anytime.

How To Reduce Website Spam Score?

If your website spam score is in the danger zone then it is mandatory to fix or reduce it. For this, first of all, you have to find the bad links that have caused your website spam score to be high. 

There are numerous tools are available such as – Semrush, Ahrefs, and Moz Explorer Tools which allow you to detect bad backlinks to your site. After that, you have to remove all the bad backlinks in Google Webmaster Tools.

After that, Google will not include all these useless links to your website backlink profile and because of them, the spam score will be decreased. So, first of all, download the spam and low-quality backlinks file or you can also download the backlink from the google search console tool.

§  After that, you have to open Google Disavow Links tools.

§  Now, select the website in which to disavow the backlink.

§  Then, click on the Disavow Links button.

§  At last, here you can upload and submit a bad backlinks file. 


The Final-Words

In this informative blog article, you can efficiently reduce the spam score of your website/blog by finding it. If there is any problem then don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section box.

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