Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Best 2 Free Methods to Convert NSF Files into PST Files

Here, we will explain the Best two free methods to convert lotus notes NSF files into PST files. Lotus Notes application supports (.nsf) file formats to store mailbox data such as – Emails, Tasks, Drafts, Contacts, Notes, Calendars, etc. Both IBM lotus notes and MS-Outlook support two different file formats to store data.

Therefore, it is mandatory to convert NSF file into PST file for sharing important data into Outlook. After the conversion, the user can comfortably open, access, view, and share into outlook email clients. This informative post will explain to know about the difference between NSF & PST file, reasons for conversion, methods to convert, steps to convert NSF to PST file.     

Best 2 Free Methods to Convert NSF Files into PST Files

Reasons for Conversion of NSF to Outlook PST 

For conversion of email items from the Lotus Notes NSF files to Outlook PST is attributed to various reasons listed below –

·        Outlook is cheaper than IBM Lotus Notes.

·        Maintenance cost of Lotus Notes is more than Outlook.

·        Microsoft Outlook provides Offline accessibility of mailbox data while IBM Lotus Notes does not.

·        Outlook is more user-friendly compared to the Lotus Notes application.

·        When the employees switch jobs to another organization that may have Outlook email clients.

·        Outlook allows users to configure multiple accounts simultaneously while Lotus Notes does not.

·        Outlook provides offline accessibility of mailboxes while IBM Notes does not.

·        Outlook provides better security and data management than lotus notes.

Manual Methods to Convert NSF Files to PST Files

Manual Method is a free NSF to PST Conversion trick. Before going to perform conversion through this free method, I would like to suggest you have a backup to prevent your NSF file data. This manual method has two stages are mentioned below –   

1.     Export NSF file data into a CSV file

2.     Import the CSV file into MS-Outlook

Step 1: Export NSF Files to CSV

To exports NSF files from Lotus Notes to CSV file, follow the given steps:

1.     Firstly, Open IBM Lotus Notes program.

2.     Next, Click on the File >> Open >> Louts Notes Application.

3.     On the Open Application window, browse for the required NSF file and click on the Open button.

4.     Next, the selected NSF file gets opened.

5.     Now, on the File menu, click on the Export option.

6.     On the Export dialogue box, gives the file name, file location, and saving file type.

7.     Next, Choose the Comma Separated Value (CSV) format for the file.

8.     Now, A dialogue box CSV Export will get open. Choose the required options >> Click on the OK button.

9.     Finally, the exported data gets saved into a CSV file at your defined location.


Step 2: Import CSV File into MS-Outlook

To import the CSV file into Microsoft Outlook, follow the given steps:

1.     First of all, Launch the MS Outlook program on the system.

2.     On the File menu, click on the Open & Export >> Import/Export option.

3.     An Import and Export Wizard dialogue box will open. Select Import from another program or file from the options >> Click Next.

4.     Next, Select Comma Separated Values as a file type and click on Next.

5.     After that, click on Browse and choose the path for the CSV file created earlier using the Export command of Lotus Notes. And you can select the options as per your requirement.

6.     Next, select the Outlook folder where you would like to save your exported data and click on the Next button.

7.     After that, choose the given checkbox in the Import a file dialogue box >> click on the Finish button. You can also change your destination just by clicking on the same name options.

8.     At last, the data from the CSV file would be imported to Microsoft Outlook PST format.    

Limitations of Manual Methods

The free manual methods to convert NSF to PST file is helpful in some situations, but it has some limitations are listed below – 

·        Quite difficult to export a large amount of Data.

·        Export a single NSF file at a time.

·        You can’t export selective items.

·        It is a time-consuming process.

·        Required technical skills to convert.

·        Might cause corruption in NSF file, if you improperly follow these steps.

·        Recommend exporting fewer amounts of data.


Automated Solution to Convert Lotus Notes NSF to PST

Stellar for Lotus Notes to Outlook is an advanced NSF to PST conversion software which is made up of the latest techniques. This third-party software provides a free demo version that allows the user to safely convert the first 25 emails to Outlook PST without any cost.  

In this toolkit, there is no need to install the Microsoft Outlook application for the conversion process.  The following inbuilt key features of this converter toolkit are mentioned below –  

·        Repair corrupted or highly corrupted NSF files and restores all the mailboxes – calendars, notes, contacts, drafts, etc.

·        Restores permanently deleted or deleted once emails from the NSF file.

·        Convert single or multiple NSF files into PST files at a time.

·        Provides a preview option to re-check your NSF file data.

·        Split oversize NSF files into several small-size resultant PST files from 1GB to 25 GB.

·        Directly export NSF data files into cloud programs – Office365 & Live Exchange accounts along with all mailboxes.

·        It has the eligibility to retain the original mailbox folder hierarchy and data integrity.

·        Provides multi-saving options to export NSF files into Outlook PST, EML, RTF, HTML, PDF, MSG, and many more.

Steps to convert NSF to PST file

1.     Download and Runs the Stellar software for conversion.

2.     Now, Select the NSF file or only selective emails.

3.     Next, click on the OK button to start the scan of the NSF file data.

4.     After the scanning process, you can preview of NSF file.

5.     After that, select the data types from the option PST file.

6.     Next, click on Export to start the conversion process from NSF to PST.

7.     Finally, successfully conversion of NSF files data to Outlook PST file.

The Final-Words

In this blog, we have successfully discussed – reasons for conversion, and the best 2 free methods to convert NSF files to pst files. Converting emails from IBM Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook is not an easy task through manual methods.

Here, I would like to recommend you download the automated software if you have to export a large amount of data. This automated solution has multiple advanced features to easily perform any large-size NSF file data into Outlook PST files without losing any single mailbox data. If have any questions related to this informative post then, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment box.