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How To Secure WordPress Websites From Hackers – Tips and Tricks

If you are serious about your website security, then you must need to pay attention to your WordPress security is the best practice. In this blog article, we will share 16 tips and tricks related to WordPress security that will help you protect your website from hackers and malware.     

How to secure a WordPress website is a topic of huge importance for every website owner. Every week Google blacklists approx. 10,000 websites for malware and 50,000+ websites for phishing. We all know that in 2017, millions of websites have been hacked by WannaCry Ransomware Virus.

secure wordpress websites from hackers

Changes When Your Website is Hacked

When you are unable to log in For hackers, it is one of the simplest ways to access your WordPress account is to change the user password. When you are unable to access your account with your regular password and unable to reset your password is the reason your account is being hacked it means your accounts are gone. 

New content is on your site – If you notice that there’s new content or your website theme is replaced, it means that your website is being hacked. However, there may be multiple differences on your website which you will have harder to find. For example – there might be an irregular connection in the substance that goes to the shady website.

Your website redirects to another site – The Hackers will some of the time add script that redirects traffic to an entirely unexpected website – one you unquestionably don't need them on. Utilizing an insecure server that increases the probability of this occurrence, which is the reason, why it is important to select quality hosting.

Google warning when you try to access your site – There are a couple of various reasons why you may get a browser warning that there's an issue with your website, and hacking is just one of them. It could likewise have to do with a plugin or theme code that must be taken out.

On the other hand, it could be a problem with your domain or SSL, which your host can assist with. In the event that Google is showing a warning. However, that could highlight a sitemap hack, which impacts how Google crawls your website.


Reasons Why a Website Being Hacked 

The following reasons why the website was hacked are listed below –

1.     Using unwanted plugins.

2.     Using Outdated themes.

3.      Creating a weak password.

4.      When you don’t use security plugins.

5.       Installing unknown plugins.

6.       SSL Disable.

7.       Enable File Editing.

8.       Unsafe PC from Viruses.

9.       When you don’t update plugins.

10.       And other reasons.

 Tricks to Secure WordPress Website and Plugins


·      Create a Unique User ID and Password

WordPress security

Whenever we create a new website on the WordPress platform, the automatic user name is created under the name of "Admin" and we always log in to WordPress just by entering the User Name "Admin".

It is very simple to log in. But, it is not true for the Security of the site. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the WordPress username and password High Secure. For example – The password should use words, numeric, and alphabet like – #Lotus@54845

·      By changing the Admin Login URL

Most of the user keeps WP-Admin or WP-login.php name at the end of the website login URL. But, it is no secure way to prevent sites or blogs. The hackers can easily recognize and hack the site.

Therefore, it is also mandatory to change the login URL of WordPress so hackers could not detect your website login URL. To create a WordPress login URL are as follows –

·        Change / WP-login To Something Unique / my_new_login

·        change / WP-login.php To something Unique / my_admin

You can also change the WordPress login URL just with the help of iTheme WordPress plugins. By installing the theme plugin on the website you can easily change the login URL.

·      Remove Unwanted Plugins

Most of the newbies install redundant plugins that are harmful to the site/blog. It is a good approach to check plugin versions, active installs, activity, and ratings before downloading or installing plugins on WordPress.

Moreover, don’t use the plugins as much as possible because installing more plugins may also slow down the website loading speed and increase the chances of getting hacked. Therefore, remove the unwanted plugins.


·      Use Security Firewall Plugins

wordpress security

Every new and old WordPress users need security for the WordPress site. Just like our computer requires antivirus to prevent it from viruses. Similarly, there is a Firewall Plugin for website security. By installing firewall plugins, you can secure sites and protect them from hackers. The top 5 popular WordPress security plugins are listed below –

1.     iTheme Security

2.     WordFence

3.     BulletProof Security

4.     Sucuri Security

5.     All in One WP Security & Firewall


·       Set Login Attempt Limit

By using WP Limit Login Attempts plugin, you can set login limits of WordPress, preventing from Hacker to repeatedly login WordPress accounts. It blocks the IP Address and prevents WordPress from being hacked.

One of the best ways to keep your website/blog safe, you can just download the WP Limit Login Attempts Plugin which enables login limit attempts in the WordPress site.

·       Regularly Backup your site

Once your WordPress site is hacked, at least you can keep your data safe from a backup of WordPress.  You can’t do anything when a problem occurs such as – WordPress login error or a WordPress crash. Therefore, it is necessary to create a backup of WordPress data to secure the site or blog.  


·       SSL Secure from Cloudfare

secure wordpress websites

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer which reduces the probability of WordPress website/blog being hacked. It takes money to secure an SSL certification website. But, Cloudflare is providing free SSL security.  

SSL is not only secure with Cloudflare but also increases the website loading speed. It is very easy to connect Cloudflare to WordPress. The Cloudflare service is available for both Blogger and WordPress platforms.


·       Choose Trusted Hosting

Here, I would like to recommend you host your website with a trusted hosting service provider. We have considered the top 5 best hosting providers for websites and blogs listed below –

1.     Hostinger

2.     Bluehost

3.     A2hosting

4.     Hostgator

5.     Dreamhost 


Why Website Security is Important Factor?

A hacked WordPress website can make serious harm to your business income and reputation. The hackers can take user data, and passwords, install malicious applications, and can even distribute malware to your clients. Worst, you may find yourself paying Ransomware to hackers just to recover access to your site.

In March 2016, Google reported that in excess of 50 million site clients have been warned about the site they're visiting may contain malware or take their useful data.

If your site is for business purposes, at that point, you have to give additional attention to your WordPress security. Like how it's the business owner's duty to secure their actual store working, as an online business owner, it is your duty to prevent your business site from hackers.



The stronger and more secure the WordPress website, the less vulnerable to hacking. We have explained the 16 tips and tricks to secure WordPress websites from hackers. I hope you have liked this article. You can share it on social media – Facebook, Pinterest, Whatsapp, and Instagram.