Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Top 10 Best Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows 10 – Need to Know

As we know, Windows 10 version is much better than other older Windows versions like Win 8, Win 7, etc. It makes it easier to perform multiple tasks due to some useful Windows shortcuts. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the top 10 best keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10 that will be helpful for all windows 10 users and need to checkout.

I have been utilizing Windows 10 on my PC throughout the previous 2 years. I feel it is superior to Windows 8. It has the best Windows menu with the goal that all the work is done without facing any problems. 

Best Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

In Windows 10 I loved some keyboard shortcuts tricks that I am going to share with you here. Of course, a lot of old shortcuts will work with Windows 10 computers or laptops. 

Those will probably be saved in your brain already. Windows 10 has a lot of keyboard shortcuts but we cannot utilize all of them. Here, I will discuss the best keyboard shortcuts of Windows 10 that are helpful for all users every day.

Top 10 Best Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

You need to have fundamental information on PC Windows, you can make work on your PC much simpler than before with the keyboard alternatives listed here.

1– Windows Key + D

If you need, you can hide all open windows just by pressing the Windows key and D key buttons on the keyboard.  It shows a perfect desktop screen by hiding every open window. You can easily re-open all the tabs just by pressing the Windows Key + D button again.

2 – Windows Key + E

If you would like to configure the default folder for quick access then just open the file manager. Windows Key + E button will help you directly open the file without any hassle.

3 – Windows Key + L

In the event of an emergency, the PC needs to close down suddenly, for this you utilize the light switch or power button, which can cause errors on your PC. 

Here, you can utilize the Windows key + L keyboard button to lock the PC screen. You can lock the screen of your PC just by pressing the Windows key + L. You can also utilize Ctrl + Alt + Del to lock the computer screen.

4 – Ctrl+ Shift+ Esc

To open Windows Task Manager you need to open the Windows menu or toolbar which takes additional time, better than this, you can open the task manager straightforwardly just by squeezing Ctrl + Shift + Esc shortcuts button.

Top 10 Best Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

5 – Windows Key + Tab 

At the point when you keep more than one window open on your PC, then you have to minimize the tab to move from one tab to another tab. The shortcuts Windows Key + tab button will show the thumbnail of all the programs open on your computer or laptop.  

6 – Windows Key + R

You probably think about this, this keyboard trick is utilized to open a dialog box to run the Windows command. In the event that you need to open the right command, you can utilize this shortcut tricks, for this you just need to press the Windows key + R button and type CMD and press the ‘Enter’ tab.

7 – Windows Key + Prtscn

If you are troubled take a screenshot of the entire desktop. Here, just press the keyboard shortcuts Windows Key + Prtscn to take a screenshot of an entire desktop or active Windows and automatically save it in the Pictures folder on the file manager. This shortcuts trick works on almost every version of Windows.

8 – Windows Key + C

This easy shortcut is utilized to bring Cortana to listening mode (Listening). In the event that Cortana is empowered in your PC, you can utilize it by pressing the Windows key + C shortcuts tricks. This shortcut will be valuable for you.

9Windows Key + I

Regularly, most of the peoples utilize the search box or menu to go to the settings of Windows laptops and computers, in which we need to follow numerous steps.

If you need, you can open the settings dialog box straightforwardly by squeezing the Windows key + I button as you can configure the system, device, and internet, language,  accounts, time, update, security, privacy settings.

10 – Windows Key + Semicolon (;)

With the help of the useful keyboard shorts Windows Key + Semicolon (;) or Windows Key + (.), you can directly open the ‘Emoji Panel’ on your Windows 10 laptops or computers.  

The Conclusion

These best 10 keyboard shortcuts of Windows 10 are helpful for you, trust me these keyboard shortcuts will prove valuable for you too as they will work on every Windows 10 system. Everybody utilizes the Windows key, so it is not difficult to deal with these alternate ways.

By utilizing these Windows 10 keyboard tricks, you can make your PC work a lot simpler and increment your keyboard experience. I hope you have found helpful these keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10. At that point share this post on media and arrive at other Windows 10 users.