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Best 10 Android Tricks to Make Your Android Phone More Useful

Best 10 Android Tricks to Make Your Android Phone More Useful

Hello Friends, Are you are looking for a blog website on Google about top best 10 android tricks to make your android phone more useful? If yes, then you are at the perfect place. In this blog article, you will find some of the best tricks for android device.

Nowadays, everyone has at least one Android phone because now it is available on lower price than before. First of all, let me tell you information about “Android” is an operating system which is compulsory to run mobile phones. There are various operating systems available like – Apple or Windows.


1 – Restart Mobile Phone with Shortcut

Presently you should imagine that what is the serious deal to restart it, simply press the Power button for some time and afterward click on Restart from an alternative that comes, correct?

Presently, If you imagine that your mobile hangs and this alternative isn't working as expected then how will you respond? Even after this, there is an effective trick to take out its battery and start it again by embeddings it once more. Yet, there is additionally an issue in this that now the majority of the android mobile devices come in which you can't remove the battery from the phone, so how will you respond?

That is the reason I will explain to you these android Ticks "How to restart android phone in other ways or power keys". Let us know what is the alternate method to restart Android?

In your Android phone, Press Power Key, Home Key, and Volume Up Key together simultaneously. For example – Power Key + Home Key + Volume Up Key prescriptions together and thus your Android phone will be restarted. Isn't it entertaining?


2 – Finish your Call with Power Key

These Android Tricks are additionally useful for all android users with this you can finish your call with Power Key. Now and again we need to face such a situation when the sensor of the android mobile phone isn't working as expected, its light doesn't illuminate and we face difficulties in ending the call.

For these issues, there is the simplest solution is available. You can finish your call by squeezing it when the call is finished. By default, this setting is off. So, firstly you need to turn it on.

To do this, you just need to go to your Android mobile Settings >> Accessibility >> Power Button Ends Call and saves it. After that, this feature will start working on your mobile phone. You can also check this features by calling someone. 


3 – Deactivate Your Stolen Phone

If there should arise an occurrence of robbery of an Android mobile phone, the principal thing that is required is to deactivate the stolen mobile. So that the thief cannot misuse it. Just pressing *#06# to check your mobile phone serial number. After pressing *#06# code, a  15 digit code number will display on your mobile screen. Note it down and keep it in a protected spot. At the point when your mobile is lost, during that time you give this code to your service providers then he can block your mobile phone.   


4 – Record Mobile Screen

If you need to record the screen of your mobile phone and want to make a video of it, at that point you can do so effectively through the technique given below. For this, you just need to introduce the best screen recorder in your android phone and after that, you will actually want to record your mobile screen without any problem. Here, I would like to recommend you install DU Recorder on your device from Play Store.


5 – Improve Android Mobile Battery Life

If the battery of your Android mobile phone runs out very soon. Here, these android tricks will prove to be very useful for you. Mobile Phone quickly drains when an app is open in the background or brightness of your phone is high or other reasons.                     

In such a circumstance, the Battery Cooler application will help you to properly optimize the battery drains. With this application, your battery will consume less power and your battery will last more. You can directly download this application from the Playstore.

After that, your folder or file will be hidden up which won't appear in the File Manager, and see it once more, for one you need to go in the menu and click on the Show hidden folders.


6 – Hide your File in Android Mobile

Are you really wants to hide your important file or folder from your android mobile devices? If yes, in this situation where you will be told in the shortcode, at that point you should put a (.) Need to put That is, assuming the name of that folder or files is Tripletip, then you need to edit it and make it like this (.video).


7How to make Android Phone look like a Computer

Assuming you need your Android telephone to looks like a PC or Computer. In this situation, you can do it effectively with the assistance of only one application on your mobile device.

For this, you all need to download the Window Launcher application from the PlayStore. After downloading this application, you can activate and save it as the default launcher, and after that your Android mobile will look exactly like a PC.

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 The Conclusion

I hope you liked this informative blog article in which you all learned tips and tricks related to Android. Apart from this, if you have any questions then don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section box. We will be glad to help you.