Friday, October 15, 2021

Android Tips and Tricks For Truck Drivers

There are so many driver apps, it’s amazing to say the least. Who are the beneficiaries? What do they really believe?

In this article, we have done a great job for you, truck drivers (and others), so choose some carefully.

We think being a professional driver can benefit you.

Android Tips and Tricks For Truck Drivers

You can use a smartphone app as a driver to make your life on the road easier for many purposes.

Maybe you want ...

  • Check the weather
  • Track delivery
  • find a customer
  • listen to music
  • Looking for truck repair work

Whatever it is, you can download many apps on your Android device or iPhone to update them.


In fact, some companies require their drivers to install the driver software specified on their phones to keep up with their daily activities.


In this section, we have reviewed some of the best driver apps available in the Play Store and App Store.

Our Selection Options

1. Rating on the platform. All of the apps we choose have 4 or more scores in the Apple Store or Play Store. We also learned the popularity of one application, but again, some apps did not reach millions of downloads, but they are very useful applications for drivers.


2. Relevant to truck drivers. Most of the applications in our driver's manual are designed to help drivers work on a daily basis. However, not all applications we reviewed are designed for drivers.


3. First experience. We took the time to install all the apps on Android and iPhone to get the first user experience before writing a review. We understand that the app may have a different interface, depending on whether you are using an iPhone or Android model.


4. Support system. How effective is the customer care system? If you encounter an error or error, we will conduct our school activities to ensure that the applications we review have a prompt and reliable support system. 

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Best Application for Drivers in 2023

Trucker Path

The qualities we like 

  • Including more than 7,000 cars parked in the US and Canada
  • Parking space upgrade
  • Driver Assembly
  • Information about tips and scales
  • Travel plan options
  • Lots of admission information
  • Find a gas station by truck license
  • It saves your key history
  • It helps to find your next car
  • Advanced Address Search


This Android application has achieved millions of downloads across the world. Well, it is rocking among other applications. 


But why is it so popular?


For beginners, it has a user-friendly interface, which gives you all the important information you can expect in an all-in-one driver app.


This app has over 7,000 truck stops and has been tested all over North America.


In addition, the Trucker Path application comes with a special map system, which you can use to avoid low bridges and find the nearest gas station, and get truck power.


It gets better, you can compare the app to the price of gasoline and record the operating time.


Of course, you can also check the scale and weigh stations.


Anyway, Trucker Path is different from most car kits in its big city; it has more than 800,000 employees working in North America. Most importantly, you can chat with other drivers in a big car, apply for driving service, as well as look for a car for sale.


Gas Buddy

The best features of the application are:

  • Including more than 150,000 gas stations in North America
  • It helps to find the cheapest car fuel
  • It offers fuel costs
  • Access to gas stations and shop inspections
  • It will tell you when you are wasting fuel
  • Information on gas oil that provides rain and food


Gas Buddy is a free app for Android and iPhone.


This app has over 150,000 gas stations in North America, you can find cheap oil prices from these databases.


In addition, the app will tell you when diesel fuel prices will rise, so you can fill the tank before it happens.


Similarly, it can monitor your driving behavior and tell you when you are missing out on gas and money.


Since GasBuddy has thousands of employees, you can find gas stations and good store reviews along the way.


If you are a lucky wing body truck supplier and made a purchase using the GasBuddy app or card at Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot or other retailers, you can get a gas license.


While Gas Buddy is a well-functioning app, it can tell you where to find gas stations from food and showers.


Otherwise, it is nothing more; don't expect it to tell you anything about ordering places and low bedding.

Google Maps

What we like:

  • Panoramic traffic view
  • Check the satellite view of the parking lot
  • Real-time traffic updates
  • Updates for open and closed businesses
  • Find restaurants, resorts, gas stations, and resorts
  • It will also store your search history
  • Voice help service (essential for drivers)


Google Maps is not just a driver app, but the main reason we put it in the manual is satellite tracking and traffic monitoring features.


Satellite viewing allows you to see the object from above, which helps if you want to see any obstacles, know which way to go and where to find the port.


The best? You can turn on View Street to get a 360-degree view of various locations on a map; it's like what you see if you are driving a car on the road.


Basically, Google Maps can take a good look at the location before you arrive at your destination to avoid any accidents. This is a great plan for professional drivers!


Additionally, you can use Google Maps to receive instant traffic updates and find places of interest.


If you want to know, you can turn on the voice help function to give you directions when your eyes are on the road (where they are!).


Underground, Google Maps does not precede road traffic.


For this service, you have to invest in a GPS driver. Anyway, you can use them all at once; Google Maps for road/satellite view and driver GPS for map directions.