Friday, October 15, 2021

How To watch YouTube TV on Panasonic Smart TV?

Everyone loves watching Youtube on their various devices like smartphones, PC, and smart TV. Youtube is one of the Best online platforms people prefer. You can watch Movies, TV shows, etc. 

Nowadays people prefer to watch Youtube on Smart TV rather than Mobile phones and PCs. Mostly, every Smart TV has an inbuilt Youtube application pre-installed in the system. In this article, I will help people who don't understand how to watch YouTube TV on Panasonic Smart TV. 

Youtube is a subsidiary type of business. It is one of the OTT platforms. This application was launched on February 14, 2005. Youtube is served Worldwide except in some countries which banned the application. 

The headquarters are founded in San Bruno, California, United States. To access youtube you should possess a proper internet connection. It has various products such as Youtube Premium, Youtube Music, Youtube TV, and Youtube Kids. Most importantly people can not only watch the videos but also you can become a YouTuber by uploading videos and starting earning. 

Let's get into the content for which you are here. I will suggest some methods to watch Youtube on your Smart TV.

How to watch YouTube TV on Panasonic Smart TV?

Panasonic Smart TV has some inbuilt applications. If YouTube is not pre-installed in your Panasonic Smart TV, you can use the following steps for the installation process.

●    Installing the application from Playstore

●    By Website

Installing YouTube TV on Panasonic Smart TV from Playstore

Most of all google applications are Pre-installed in Panasonic Smart TV. But you have to make sure you have the system which is updated. Your Product should be from the year 2012. The Panasonic systems before 2012 do not have Youtube TV. So kindly notice this information. Follow the steps given to watch YouTube on your Panasonic Smart TV.

●    Turn ON your Panasonic Smart TV.

●    Connect your TV with a proper Wifi network.

●    Go to Playstore and search for YouTube.

●    On the results, you can find the Youtube logo

●    You can also find the Install icon there.

●    Wait till the download is ready.

●    After the installation, open YouTube.

●    To get your personal recommendations Sign in with your Mail ID.

●    Now I enjoy watching various shows, movies, etc.

YouTube TV on Panasonic Smart TV using the website

If you want to watch YouTube directly from the website it is the quickest process to do.

●    Open the browser of your Panasonic Smart TV.

●    Enter YouTube on the search bar.

●    Now watch the videos you wish for.

Streaming the Smartphone or PC screen

You can also watch youtube by streaming your smartphone or PC too.

●    Install Youtube on your device

●    open the app

●    Enable Screen mirroring on your Smartphone

●    If you are using a PC then press windows and P simultaneously

●    Select your TV from the list

●    Enjoy watching youtube.

Alternate Way to Use YouTube on Panasonic Smart TV

The steps above aren't a guarantee. Certain Panasonic TV users are complaining that the YouTube app isn't accessible in the Play Store. According to the YouTube Community page users have stated that the YouTube app has been removed from every Panasonic TV model and is no longer compatible with Panasonic Smart TV. 

In Panasonic News, it is clarified that the YouTube application will not work with TV models that were manufactured between 2008 and 2011. If you are unable to access the YouTube application using the Panasonic Smart TV then you can try the browser.

Start any of the browsers you have installed on your Panasonic TV and go to the YouTube website. Log in using the details of your Gmail account and begin viewing YouTube videos. 

If you are unable to access the application, this is the only option. You could also purchase an external streaming device such as Roku or Firestick. Because YouTube is an app accessible on streaming devices, you could purchase one of these streaming devices and plug it into the Panasonic TV.


Why has YouTube disappeared from my Panasonic Smart TV?

The thing is only version 2.0 will run on your smart TV. When Google cancelled their 2.0 version most of the Panasonic Smart TV lost YouTube from their device.

Can I add apps to my Panasonic Smart TV?

In Panasonic TV you can add apps by pressing Apps and Internet simultaneously on your remote and Installing any application from Market.

How do you get YouTube on your TV?

There are several methods to watch Youtube TV. They are,

●     Install from the play store.

●     Watch through the website.

●     Streaming.


On YouTube, people are earning very high. Nowadays people are interested in being a Youtuber as they all know they will earn a good amount if they work hard. YouTube is an OTT platform that is not available on certain Panasonic Smart TVs. 

If you are in confusion about how to Install and watch YouTube on your Smart TV. In this article, I have mentioned some methods to install YouTube on your Smart TV. Hope the content helps you.