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Create a Spotify Clone and Enter the Music Streaming Industry

Create a Spotify Clone and Enter the Music Streaming Industry

Sweden witnessed the rise of an iconic music streaming platform in April 2006. It is none other than Spotify. Podcasters, rappers, singers, and artists could connect directly with their fans through albums and tracks. Besides that, music enthusiasts can listen to tracks anytime from anywhere. Are you that entrepreneur who is looking to get high traction in this booming sector?  

What are the factors to consider while creating an App Like Spotify?

Decide your business plan - Undoubtedly, the international music streaming industry is highly competitive. Therefore, techpreneurs need to consider the changes in market conditions while launching a Spotify-like listening platform.

For example, Spotify has introduced a new option where users can listen to blockbuster soundtracks, podcasts, and playlists of Netflix hit shows. Interestingly, this feature is available for both free and premium users. Moreover, fans can listen to these foot-tapping numbers across different devices after seeing the lyrics.

Finalize your target audience - There are numerous kinds of music admirers on the planet. It includes audiophiles, music connoisseurs, and casual music consumers. 

Moreover, techpreneurs like you must undertake detailed research based on the interests and preferences of users. Accordingly, customized playlists are created as per the likes and dislikes of music listeners.

For instance, a Spotify-like streaming app contains different genres like classical, hard rock, hip-hop, jazz, indie pop, pop, heavy metal, waltz etc. A mix of old songs and peppy numbers will create a sense of nostalgia and uplift the spirit of users.

Follow different laws - Artists require protection for their songs and tracks. As a result, following laws like copyright infringement and intellectual property (IP) are essential. This prevents issues when songs get stolen or when numbers get reproduced in an unauthorized manner.

Further, artists can also resolve issues related to the payment of royalties. Generally,  royalties are paid out to the people who own the music production and distribution rights. Later, the amount is distributed to lyricists, singers, music composers, and other performing artists. This varies based on the share in the agreement.

Concentrate on the user interface (UI) - Importantly, music unites people across sections of society. Drag and drop elements along with easy-to-use buttons will help listeners to hear songs effortlessly.

Users of a streaming platform like Spotify can find new music, create playlists, listen to podcasts, share songs with their family members and friends, and also download numbers. This creates a lot of convenience for musicophiles. They get a positive vibe by listening to exciting numbers.

Besides that, advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) collects the data of listeners. Later, users will receive personalized recommendations and suggestions.

Determining the cost to create a Spotify like streaming platform

Features - Spotify offers an unparalleled listening experience to artists and their die-hard fans. Accordingly, an app development company will integrate a mix of freemium and premium features in the music streaming platform. 

For instance, users who pay monthly and yearly subscriptions will receive lots of benefits. They can access functionalities like ad-free play, offline downloads, uninterrupted play on devices like speakers and TVs. Likewise, you can offer subscription packages like Mini, Individual, Duo, and Family. 

Premium users will receive benefits like group sessions, Internet-free listening, and unlimited download of songs across devices. This assures a world-class experience for all users while they play a song.

Develop the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) - An app development company will create a prototype of a music streaming app like Spotify. It consists of basic features similar to the audio listening app.

This includes features like a filter and search mechanism, add to favorites section, a skip option, a social media login option, and sharing of instant notifications. Moreover, users can flexibly modify their audio settings by using modes like basic, normal, and high.

Further, artists can also resolve issues related to the payment of royalties. Generally, people who own the music production and distribution rights receive royalties. Later, the amount is distributed to lyricists, singers, music composers, and other performing artists. This varies based on the share in the agreement.

Moreover, what if the voice level fluctuates from one singer to another? Users can tap the normalized volume option to listen to all tracks at a consistent level.

Choose a Certified Team of Developers - An app development company will have trained personnel and the right resources to create a Spotify clone. Entrepreneurs like you must hire a team of business development managers, user interface (UI) designers, front-end and back-end developers, software testers, quality engineers, and online marketing specialists.

Assemble the Tech Stack - Programming languages like Django, Python, and Java are used to create Android and iOS apps for music streaming. Besides that, platforms like Apache Hadoop, Apache Cassandra, Amazon S3, Docker, Google Cloud, and PostgreSQL store data securely.

How a Spotify clone ensures personalized music updates? This is because comprehensive information is compiled about the streaming habits of users. Tools like Google Analytics (GA), Twilio, and Lookback are utilized. 

Launch the final version of the music streaming platform - An app development company will follow a detailed process to create Android and iOS apps. You can review the performance of the music streaming app, check its loading capacity, resolve bugs and glitches, and come out with the full-fledged version of the Spotify clone.

Wrapping Up

If there was a disruptor in the global music streaming sector, it has to be Spotify. The Stockholm-headquartered platform is also venturing into audiobooks post the acquisition of Findaway. Are you that entrepreneur targeting the pole position in the music streaming sector? Reach out to an app development company for building a Spotify clone. 

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