Monday, November 1, 2021

Find The Key Solution For All In One App With Gojek Clone

Retired Federal Judge Grace Rivera is now a 66-year old granny waiting for her grandson to arrive at the Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport of Arizona. Andrew Brown is studying law at Oxford University and is heading home for winter break. Andrew is exhausted after 11 hours of flight and immediately books a cab back home using Gojek Clone App.

Find The Key Solution For All In One App With Gojek Clone

Car Repair

Grace reminds him that her Nissan Versa didn’t start at all in the morning and hence she was forced to take the bus. He then immediately books an appointment with a Car Repair mechanic using the same app to come to fix the car the same day.

Grocery Shopping

When there is still 13 miles to go until they reach 2215 East Gable Avenue, Andrew tells his granny that he is hungry and wants to have her special recipe of Chicken and Waffles for breakfast. When she complains of not having the required ingredients at home, he places an online grocery order for 8 boneless chicken thighs, buttermilk, 3 pounds of all-purpose flour, 1 pound sugar, 6 large eggs, half a pound of unsalted butter, paprika, fresh ground black pepper using this All-In-One-Services app. 

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Delivery Runner

After making in-app wallet payment to the Taxi Driver, Andrew is waiting for her granny to find the home keys. Then she panics and realises that she might have left it at the Buckeye Rd & 26th Street bus stop. Andrew calms her down and tells her about the concept of Delivery Runner who runs errands on your behalf for a nominal delivery charge. He books the appointment and within half an hour the home keys are with them.

This is the power of Apps like Gojek! They offer 70 plus on-demand services online through one single login!

Dog Walker

And look who all have come to greet them at the doorstep! Their three dogs are named Noodles, Coco and Brandy! Their Dog Walker Stuart has just completed their 45-minute stroll by the park. Coco is a 7 month old male golden retriever who is closest to Granny.

Powerful Gojek like App is the key to all of your on-demand service needs. Even its features are designed to be solution-oriented. Despite the Pandemic, this app and its Service Providers have blossomed into profitable entities!

It is because this App has launched several corona-specific safety measures to help combat the further spread of this lethal air-borne virus. For example, Restaurants now have to upload pictures of sanitized kitchens, working stations, refrigerators and cold storage rooms. These pictures also include the entire workforce including the Chefs’ and waiters wearing face masks and hand gloves and that everyone’s body temperature is regularly checked on a daily basis.

This feature was the need of the hour to help revive the near-collapsing Restaurant industry due to sharp fall in online orders during the government imposed lockdown. People were scared to order anything from outside because they feared they might contract this virus through one of the delivery drivers who might act as carriers. 

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Kiosk at Restaurants

Self-ordering Android based Kiosk had been physically installed at Restaurants and Food Joints to ensure social distancing of six-foot is maintained throughout the open hours of the outlet. These Kiosks have interactive dashboards and upon placing the order, it automatically sends in order details to the Chef thereby eliminating human-induced errors. Also, the customer has an option of either dining-in or take-away food parcel after the order is ready.


Contactless Deliveries

This feature has been a true blessing for the customers worldwide. Once the customer makes an online payment either using the in-app wallet or his card, the order becomes eligible for a contactless delivery. In such a situation, voice note instructions to Delivery Drivers come in handy. In contactless deliveries, the Delivery Driver leaves the food parcel at the customers’ doorstep and uploads a picture of it outside the house. This serves as proof that the delivery was successful. Through these audio clips, customers can tell the Driver exactly where to leave the package.



Gojek Clone App has taken us through the time machine into the future and shown us how the world will function when true power of the technology and that of the internet is harnessed.