Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Make E-learning Effortless By Creating A Udemy Clone

Make E-learning Effortless By Creating A Udemy Clone

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are the next big thing in the global education sector. However, an American platform started this trend way back in 2009. Guess which was that one? It is Udemy. 12 years since its launch, 40 million students across the globe can access more than 40 million students. With high potential for edtech, entrepreneurs can make the first step now. You can launch a Udemy clone and take control of this lucrative sector.


How Does an Udemy Clone App function?

 Students need to register on the virtual learning app. They can sync their email addresses and social media accounts to access academic material.

   Likewise, interested instructors can create a profile on an app like Udemy.  They must tap the Get started button, upload a short video talking about their qualification, work experience, and subjects of interest. Teachers have full freedom in finalizing their syllabus and topics. 

   The admin of the Udemy clone app will approve the profiles of students and professors after checking their submitted data. 

   School and college goers, as well as, working professionals can search for various courses. They must press the Category section and select sections like business analysis, digital marketing, data science, design, software development, personality development etc.

   Accordingly, registered users can check out details like course material, learning modules, name of the instructor, price, reviews from previous members, and the topics to be covered.

   After the student selects a course, he/she needs to process payments via credit and debit cards, digital wallets, and wire transfers.

   Further, they will receive a notification after the instructor starts the course. Teachers can make the learning process interactive by uploading assignments, exercises, games, quizzes, and videos.

   Moreover, they will receive payments based on the level of user engagement. Instructors should link their bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards, and e-wallets for getting their income.

   They would have 100% control over their exclusive content. How does the Udemy like online learning platform ensures swift distribution of revenue? Instructors will get a certain share based on the number of students enrolled in their course. This happens after their course is published.

   Is upskilling and reskilling possible on an Udemy like digital learning platform? Yes, techpreneurs can offer insightful courses for both blue and white-collar workers.

   In the same line, organizations can enhance the efficiency of their labourers. They can encourage their team to upgrade their knowledge, learn the latest trends, and improve their performance.

   How can they get started with this? Business enterprises must submit information like their first and last name, email address, job title, organizational size, and the number of employees, and training needs.

 Employees can press sections like business, leadership and management, technology, and wellness and learn courses in their preferred language.

 You can also differentiate by offering tailor-made learning solutions for both teams and industries. This will help in captivating workers who belong to sectors like financial services, government, higher education, etc.

 Besides that, data analysts, engineers, human resource managers, software developers across all positions can enhance their intellectual capacity.

 Subsequently, students and workers who complete their courses will receive certificates. They will receive a notification about the same, can download the document, and save it on their devices.

  Further, they can share their accomplishments across instant messaging apps and social media platforms.


Why this is an apt time to create an Udemy Clone App

    Udemy for Business offers more than 6000 courses to working professionals in every nook and corner of the world, Experienced instructors will teach engrossing content in different styles. This will help workers grasp subjects with ease.

     With schools and colleges also operating virtually, students can enhance their knowledge level by learning courses anytime and anywhere.

     Udemy has steadily grown from a small startup to a giant in the online learning sector. Its enterprise learning solutions have steadily scaled over the years. Overall, 8000 workers get access to more than 11000 courses in 12 different languages. This will help them handle domestic and international projects successfully.

     “Education has become a global business”. You can start your journey to become a billionaire now. Udemy’s valuation has crossed $3.7 billion after a successful Initial Public Offering (IPO).

     The San Francisco-based platform has a user base across 180 countries. School and college goers, as well as working professionals, can take courses in 75 languages from more than 65000 instructors. The San Francisco-based platform pocketed a revenue of $430 million in subscriptions in 2020.


The attractive features of an Udemy like digital learning platform are

  Offline learning without Internet connectivity.

  Dark mode mechanism for hassle-free learning.

Teacher registration dashboard for hassle-free instructor onboarding.

  Filter and search option for ensuring quick discovery of course.

  Integrated affiliate program where a commission is given for promotion.

  A note-taking facility for learners to boost their memory power.

  A dedicated help centre for solving issues faced by students and teachers, 

  Notification alerts regarding learning reminders and new courses.


The Aspects that determine the cost of creating an app like Udemy is

The budget of developing a Udemy clone depends on numerous factors. It relies on the choice of features and functionalities, the kinds of frameworks and programming languages used, the level of customization needed by edupreneurs, the time allocated to create mobile apps and websites, and salaries paid to the development team.


Wrapping Up

Do you want to be a pioneer in the on-demand learning industry? You can accomplish that! Team up with an app development company and establish an Udemy clone soon.