Monday, November 8, 2021

Building On-demand App Like Gojek With Cutting-Edge Features

On-demand apps are people’s favorite when it comes to booking services. The ease of ordering food, scheduling rides, booking services like plumbing, electrical works, etc are the strong forces that inspire people to rely on these apps. For individuals, managing apps is no big deal, but handling bulk apps is quite challenging. To make it simple for the users, multi-services apps came into being.

Building On-demand App Like Gojek With Cutting-Edge Features

Gojek, the game-changer, raised their venture from call services to become the leading pioneer in the on-demand market. In fact, they were the first to coin the concept of providing multiple services at one destination. Later this became the fire of the moment to inspire several entrepreneurs to launch their products in the market. The revolution of on-demand apps is still open for you to take your part. With a rightly carved Gojek clone app, you can successfully set your march in the on-demand market. 

Development Phases Involved In Building An On-demand App Like Gojek

While constructing an app, there are several complexities involved. By surpassing the simple steps, you would be able to develop a successful application. Here’s a gist of stages to cross over in app development. 


App platform is nothing but a platform through which an application can operate. In building an app, they constitute an important segment as the tools and technological stacks employed in app development vary from one platform to another. This is the reason why always an emphasis is made on choosing a platform for app execution. When I say app platform, obviously, there are three most significant platforms concerned with it. They are native apps, hybrid apps, and web apps. Let us see them in detail,

Native apps - Native applications are specifically built on one particular platform with a specific programming language to run on a particular device(i.e., either Android or iOS).

Hybrid apps - They are somewhat similar to web-based apps and are built with Javascript, HTML, and CSS. They generally run in webview, which is more like a simplified web version inscribed in the app.

Web apps - These apps are built with concerns to run on one single platform and run on browsers. Moreover, they function similarly to websites whose UX/UI are substandard to native/hybrid apps.

Features list

The functionality of an app depends on the features you include in them. There are several features embedded in the app but how advanced they are is what matters. Here are some of the important features to include to launch app like Gojek.

    To make the sign-up process of an app more convenient, you can integrate social media accounts for users to register swiftly.

    The real-time tracking features will help drivers and riders track each others’ locations.

    The app should enable users to schedule their services with accuracy to date and time.

    Push notifications are one of the most important features that should never be neglected in an app. The app will send notifications to its users regarding important updates and messages.

    The participants of the app will be from different parts, and to support them, you have to provide multiple language support. So, the users can change the app settings according to their convenient language.

Technological Stacks

When developing an application, it is quite essential to include high-end technologies so that it can function effectively. Here you can also consider technological stacks like Fabric, Laravel, Bootstrap, Android wear SDK, HTML5, New relic, etc. Some of the programming languages to adopt for app development are JRuby, Golang, Java, and Swift. You can also make use of advanced tools like Rails, Kafka, and Spring.

App Design

Once the objectives and business models are finalized, proceed to the design phase of your app. The major purpose of an application is to establish communication with the users. If this purpose is not solved, people will never prefer using your application. So design the medium in which the communication channel between the app and customers could be enhanced. It will be better if your wireframes are connected with the goals so that you can increase the comprehension of your app.

Wireframes give you a blueprint for how your app functions. You have to create wireframes prior to developing the backend of your app. This might give you an actual view of how your app will display the pop-ups, text fields, button resembles, etc.


Before going on floors, test the app multiple times to detect the bugs present in it. By identifying the issues in the functionality, you can resolve them in no time. When testing within your groups, it is easy to understand the technicalities involved in it. But to hear it from the users’ side, you can also test it with your customers. With this beta testing, you could hear suggestions directly from your users. 

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Benefits Of Using An On-Demand Super App Like Gojek

There is a bundle of benefits coming with an app like Gojek. Here are some of the major benefits incurred with a super app.

Digital Invoicing

When things go digitally, there are numerous benefits interlinked in them. One such case is digital invoicing. E-invoicing covers up all transactions and payments in the digital format. This helps people to have records on the transactions they carry on with the app, leaving no scope for chaos or confusion. The probability of error is considerably reduced and safe for people.

Digital Promotions

Advertising and promotions are two pillars that will help you gain a plethora of users for your apps. The scope for digital marketing is so wide that it helps businesses promote themselves at a higher standard. To launch an app like Gojek, you can directly approach these mediums to advertise your brand effectively.

Analytical Report 

Once your business takes off, the major concern is to know the performance standard of your app. Apparently, the app gives a scope to measure the performance through their admin panel. At each stage, you will get instant reports about your app performance.


Wrapping Up,

The white-label Gojek clone app is a complete package of distinctive features that makes it stand unique in the market. By opting for an elite solution like Gojek, you can successfully venture into the app market in no time. Get ready and start hunting to find the best app development firm to build your app.