Monday, November 8, 2021

Common Myths About SEO

Common Myths About SEO

Search Engine Optimization is very crucial for making your website improve its visibility and rank higher in the search engine result pages. However, most people fail to achieve this because they tend to believe the myths we are going to talk about in this article. So, if you want to prevent yourself from making the same mistake, keep up with the article till the end.

Common Myths About SEO

We have to follow the rules of SEO in every content we create. From providing seo guest posting service to curating content for social media platforms or our own website, SEO is required everywhere. SEO myths dramatically affect the ranking of the website. The myths include:

It Is A One-Time Thing

If you consider SEO as a one-time thing, then you are wrong. Though it works for a while, soon everything, from the traffic to the ranking, falls apart. It is because your position is overtaken by your competitors and you tend to lose backlinks. That is why many businesses hire SEO professionals as they are well aware that SEO is an ongoing process and it needs investment to achieve long-term results.

Google Only Rank Fresh Content

We sometimes republish content quite a few times. We often see several contents that are not fresh. However, you should know that freshness is a query-dependent ranking factor. It means it matters more to some queries while nothing to others. It entirely depends on whether the content still has any impact on the audience. It is continuously evolving and to be clear, freshness matters to Google while ranking the content in the result pages.

Long-Tail Keywords Are Effortless To Rank For

Several people consider long-tail keywords as long-form phrases. However, it is not at all accurate. They are generally a query having low individual search volume. If you search for long-tail keywords based on the number of words they have, then you should stop it right away.

SEO Means Only Ranking

We all want our content to rank on the very first search result page because we sometimes think that it will help us to acquire more traffic. However, according to Ahrefs, the pages that rank higher tend to acquire traffic only 49 percent of the time. It is because pages that obtain traffic use multiple keywords in their content.

Keyword Research is Not At All Significant

Those who think that it is not significant to research appropriate keywords in their content, then you should know that there are hundreds and thousands of keywords ranking regularly. Also, the popularity of keywords is usually aligned with the topic’s potential of having overall search traffic. It enables you to search for the relevant topic and attract organic traffic simultaneously.

You might see SEO failures in your journey. But, these myths will eventually help you learn from your mistakes and upgrade your skills. So, do not worry if you are not obtaining the results, research more about SEO and improve your content accordingly.  

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