Thursday, November 4, 2021

What to Look For Before Choosing an SEO Company for Your Business?

What to Look For Before Choosing an SEO Company for Your Business?

How long is the contract?

Does the company want to sign an open-ended or long-term contract? A perpetual contract has many of the benefits we mentioned earlier. However, a fixed-term contract will help us reduce the cost of a monthly subscription. In addition, the agency will plan activities to a lesser extent but for a more extended period.

What is the form of reporting the consequences?

Thanks to them, we can track the progress that occurs in the positioning of our website thanks to the activities carried out by the SEO agency.

    When it comes to the frequency of reports, the most popular solution is to send results, which allows you to achieve SEO promotion after each completed month. This is often the period that coincides with the time of financial settlements with the SEO companies.

    It's also worth asking about the form of reports or even asking for a sample document for verification. Unfortunately, SEO agencies still provide clients with dry numbers, without any comments or links to the results from previous months.

    Each client will be able to read the increase or decrease of the presented values. Still, not everyone is aware of the nuances of positioning, which is why a specialist's explanation is so important.

    A much better solution is to find an SEO company that offers customer-friendly reports and includes comments, suggestions for change actions, or suggestions for new keywords.

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What is the form of settlements with an SEO company?

Let's take care to clear up any ambiguities at the beginning of negotiations. What do you need to remember?

    When determining the monthly subscription amount, clarify whether it is a net or gross rate.

    Check the date from which the SEO company will charge the fees - it should be in line with the previous agreements.

    Find out what exactly is included in the scope of work that we tackle - both in relation to work on-site and off-site. What changes will the positioners make to our site?

    Pay attention to the notification period - preferably one or two months. Such a period will make it easier to leave due to unsatisfactory cooperation with the SEO agency.

Is the SEO company website well Optimised?

Check the state of the agency's corporate website, whether its visibility is growing and what content is being published on it.

    Does the SEO company have any industry or platform experience? Ask if the company has partnered with your sector or worked on the CMS where your store is located. This will save you time in which the company will have to learn the approach that will be applied in your case.

    Is the company specialised in SEO? Consider whether you prefer to work with someone who has decided to specialise in a particular field and are constantly training in it, or with an agency that does a little bit of everything.

    Do you know who you will be working with? How transparent is the company, whether it represents its employees or shares the inner life of the company? See who you want to work with.

Does the company have a good reputation as an employer?

It may not be obvious, but how a company treats its employees has a significant impact on how it treats its customers. In companies with a good atmosphere, employees are more likely to come to work and carry out their tasks with great enthusiasm. In addition, the lack of rotation in the company is for you, plus long-term contact with one person and a holistic view of the process.

Who owns the copyright for the content posted on our website by an SEO agency?

The best solution, of course, would be the ownership of the texts that are on our site. Thanks to this, we will use them in other places, for example, during presentations for our company's business partners.

As you can see, when choosing one of the SEO companies, you should consider many important aspects that will determine the nature of further cooperation. Be sure to read the reviews of this SEO agency or ask friends who are already using help with positioning their websites - after all, the personal experiences of customers can tell us much more about a company than its offer and website.

It is worth knowing the answers to all annoying questions and carefully considering your choice because the success of your online store may depend on it in the near future. 

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