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Why and How To Optimize a Website For SEO Services

Why and How To Optimize a Website For SEO Services

When do you need to change

    The site is frankly wrong: outdated, complicated navigation, a lot of unnecessary information. In this case, you need to do a redesign or think about a new site.

    The site is not suitable for advertising traffic: it lacks advantages, feedback forms, call-to-action elements (call to action, for example, the "order" button). Why lead users to where the connection drops?

    The site needs to be improved for promotion in search results, that is, for SEO. We will talk about this case.

What changes are needed for SEO

Invisible changes are technical, and they do not affect the appearance of the site. SEO specialists do all the modifications "inside":

    make markup;

    work with page indexing;

    remove duplicates;

    transfer the site to another CMS.

Such changes are coordinated without problems; the owner provides all access and often does not try to understand the essence of the work. 

Visible changes: content and functional improvements. Adding and changing text, photos, videos, buttons, feedback forms and others. These changes shift the look and feel of the site, and it's a pain for any owner. Discussion of changes is "creaky" or ends with a firm "no".

Let's take a closer look at the common changes that change your site: why are they needed and whether this is included in the cost of the promotion service.

Content changes

Text. If you did not initially create a site with SEO in mind, then most likely, the text needs to be finalized:

    Make it unique.

    Answer potential user questions.

    Fully disclose the topic of the page.

    Write several thematic articles that could lead to targeted traffic.

Search engines may not see your site for "anti-scratch" if you sell the item on the site but only refer to it as "claw attachments." Therefore, the agency carefully selects the semantic core and adds information on all requests to the site.

In most cases, this work is included in the cost of the SEO service. However, there are situations when you need to do many informational materials, such as promoting a blog on medical topics. In this case, the writing of the text can go on a separate budget.

Pictures. Pictures, photographs, or image galleries are on most sites.

Like text, images need to be optimized: they must be unique, large in size, and related to the text, with prescribed titles and captions. If you do not have pictures, we recommend adding them. We will also receive additional traffic due to the appearance of images in the results of Google and Yandex image services. This item is included in the base cost of SEO work.

Video. The most apparent effect of video on a site is an improvement in behavioural factors: users will spend more time on the site, and the bounce rate will be lower. In addition, if the video is unique and matches the page's content, it is easier to bring it to the top.

Add video instructions on how to use it to the product description page and your page. Then, other things being equal will overtake competitors who do not use video in the search results. Plus, the more a client knows about a product, the easier it is to make a purchase decision.

Add an extra budget to make a unique video.

Catalogue. If you are promoting an online store, study the competitor's directory. If they have more positions, a wider assortment, then your chances for a place in the top are scanty.

It is necessary to fill the catalogue: add cards of all available goods, add optimized descriptions, unique photos of goods, prices, information on payment and delivery, additional blocks of cross-selling "with this product often buy". The more products in the catalogue, the more likely the user will find what he needs, and the search engine will show such a site higher.

An online store needs to have a correctly working cart and buy goods in one click.

Working with the catalogue is not included in the SEO cost; you can fill the roster from your database, take into account the agency's recommendations, or give this work to the agency for a fee.

Blog. Search engines value fresh content. Publishing new blog posts is the easiest way to create fresh content. Regularly post high-quality authoring content on trending topics on your blog and get an influx of organic traffic.

Blogging builds trust between the brand and readers.

We recommend blogging yourself as an expert in the field and contacting an SEO services specialist for improvements. You can order articles from a good copywriter for a fee.  

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