Thursday, November 25, 2021

Top Webcast Service Providers in UAE

Top Webcast Service Providers in UAE

Webcasting and live video streaming has become an essential aspect for companies belonging to different industries. Everybody across the globe is looking forward to maximizing their reach and enhancing their brand image through different pursuits. 

In such cases and acknowledging the consequences of the pandemic, webcasting has gained matchless prevalence in recent times. However, the market is flooding with experienced and new service providers in the industry.

In this blog, we have curated the top webcasting service providers available in the UAE, to help you get a step closer to hosting successful webcast services. Refer to the following list to choose a suitable service provider.


Top 10 Webcasting Service Providers in the UAE

#1 Dreamcast

Dreamcast is a notable live video streaming and webcasting platform that not just offers extraordinary webcasting & live streaming services but is also a recognized name in the hybrid and virtual events industry. Exceeding the perfection & expertise of longer than ten years in the events industry, the platform aims to provide its users with top-notch quality content and services. 

Not just this but the platform also has a personalized approach to comprehending users' and viewers' requirements. Dreamcast expedites the webcasting & live video streaming services on numerous social media platforms and also renders excellent streaming services on your official website. 

It is convenient for all your remote audience settled not just in the UAE but any assorted geographical locations of the world. The platform helps you in organizing the most engaging and interactive live video streams and webcasts for your organization. With the assistance of their service, you can not only increase your reach but also enhance your brand image & presence in the industry.

In UAE or anywhere over the globe, connecting with Dreamcast is the best choice to organize or webcast any type of event, from award shows, product launches, & trade fairs to conferences, town hall meetings, & annual sales meetings. The webcasting and live video streaming service of the platform are possible over different formats like:

l  Facebook Live Streaming

l  On-Demand Streaming

l  Youtube Live Streaming

l  Periscope Live Streaming

l  IP-Based Streaming

l  Instagram Live Streaming

l  2-Way Video Conferencing

With exceptional experience in the events sphere, Dreamcast is capable of providing almost all the features and tools you demand not just in UAE but anywhere across the world. Following are some of the top features provided by the platform:

l  Real-time archiving

l  Bulk Uploading

l  The multi-bitrate IP encoding system

l  Parallel multiple platform streaming

l  Budget-friendly solutions

l  Customizable background

l  Unlimited streaming with seamless integration

l  Live real-time audience interaction

l  Integrated High-Speed Internet Solutions

l  Live analytics and reports


#2 Vimeo Livestream

Established in 2007, Livestream portrays one of the biggest live-streaming service providers not just in UAE but in the world. However, right after ten years, the platform was procured by Vimeo in 2017, and their services got united. Livestream concentrates on an interspersed system of hardware, software, and cloud services.

The platform offers tech assistance through the mail for video content hosting plans while for live support, viewers need to purchase the Vimeo OTT custom plan. Key features of the platform:

l  Remote Support

l  Live Streaming Production

l  Session Recording

l  Meeting Management

l  Brand Overlay

l  Multistreaming

l  Reports & Analytics


#3 Dacast

It is a self-service live video streaming and webcasting solution created to support and promote small & mid-scale enterprises to produce and webcast live and on-demand videos. Through Dacast, users can stream videos on their specified or required websites with extensive access control. It also extends a paywall, password safeguard, and event reports & analytics. Mentioned below are the best tools rendered by the platform:

l  Multi-bitrate streaming

l  Video security features

l  24/7 tech assistance

l  Ad-free streaming

l  Monetization of on-demand content

l  Secure content distribution

l  Cloud video transcoding


#4 IBM Cloud Video

IBM Cloud Video is an efficient online video service provider that can be your go-to resolution for both live, on-demand, and webcast content to outer viewers.

Governed through a dashboard by account executives, the IBM Video Streaming service assists both complicated and simple structures with high scalability by a multi-CDN supporter facility. The solution is best for virtual discussions, employee interactions, government operations, commercial, scholastic, or public services, commercial PR, concerts or other entertainment events; and other online events such as training classes, weddings, funerals, or religious ceremonies, etc. Mentioned below are the top features of IBM Cloud Video Streaming:

l  Enterprise video streaming

l  Live streaming

l  OTT video management

l  Content delivery network

l  Video distribution and workflow

l  Monetization


#5 Brightcove

Established in the year 2004, Brightcove is one amongst the most proficient online video content service providers in the industry. The service provides its extensive know-how in video content management service designed to enhance the advancement and engagement rates of users' video format content with a diversity of tools and features. Brightcove also provides webcasting, cloud encoding, and on-demand video streaming. The solution suite of the platform also presents you with video content archives, lead capture analytics, live video streaming tools, SEO-optimized video gateways, on-demand publishing, and a lot more. Following are some of the best tools rendered by Brightcove:

l  Security features available on custom plans

l  CRM integration

l  Event Analytics

l  Multi-bitrate and adaptive streaming

l  Monetization tools

l  Video API access on custom-priced plans


#6 Restream

The platform is a web-based live streaming software service provider that extends multi-streaming solutions for users looking ahead to boosting their online presence, enhancing their reach, developing brand exposure, and traffic.

The platform is most prevalent amongst the tech, government, gaming, sports, media, and music industries. Following are the key features of Restream:

l  Audience Analytics

l  Live Streaming Production

l  Customizable Branding

l  Audience Engagement

l  Multi hosts

l  Performance Monitoring

l  Multistreaming

l  Q&A Management


#7 Wowza

It is one amongst the most dependable streaming and webcasting platforms that is achievable over every device and network circumstance. The service also provides accessible and downloadable media software to establish on-demand and live streaming, with profoundly customizable characteristics. Wowza stimulates your progress & extension pattern and provides inventive live streaming services with multiple features, tools, and APIs. Mentioned below are the best features of the platform:

l  Video Looping

l  Social Sharing

l  Multi-Device Support

l  Brand Overlay

l  Privacy Advantages

l  Closed Captions

l  Bulk Uploading


#8 Cincopa

This live streaming platform allows you to brand your content, add annotations, CTAs, and forms on your live streams and webcasts. It supports the users to enhance their audience engagement and lead generation. The principal objective of Cincopa is to host different forms of media content like images, audio, and video. Following are the top characteristics of Cincopa:

l  Access Controls

l  Video Streaming

l  Brand Overlay

l  Customizable Branding

l  Bulk Uploading

l  Privacy Options

l  Reports and Analytics


#9 Muvi

Muvi is an end-to-end streaming and webcasting service provider that assists content owners to drive Multi-Device OTT apps and websites. Muvi renders top Live Streaming & On-demand videos across mobiles, the web, and television. Well-resourced with almost 500+ features, the platform backs your streaming and webcasting throughout. The operations of the platform also hold the IT Support, CDN, Online Video Player, DRM, Video Hosting, and UGC, along with Apps for Mobile & TV and websites. Following are the top features of Muvi:

l  Multi-Screen OTT Platform

l  Monetization options

l  Custom Branding Solutions

l  Video On Demand (VOD) platform

l  Event Analytics

l  Complete Management

l  HTML5 video player


#10 JW Player

With the headquarters functioning in New York, JW Player is a video player software service. The service is most suitable for streaming videos over web pages and self-hosted web video content. It was first conceptualized in 2005 as an open-source system to stream videos. Following are the top features provided by the platform:

l Ad Monetization

l  Supports HLS adaptive live streaming

l  Simulcast to FB Live

l  Global content delivery

l  Real-time analytics

l  Multi-bitrate transcoding

l  Video API access on all plans

Go ahead and pick the webcasting service that suits your requirements the best!