Friday, November 26, 2021

Host Heavy Websites on MilesWeb’s Dedicated Servers

Host Heavy Websites on MilesWeb’s Dedicated Servers

Personal space is something everyone needs and appreciates. Some websites also want to have a private space and an environment that makes them better. If your website has heavy resources and is facing server issues, that means you need to shift to better hosting.

VPS hosting is great until it loses the capacity to handle more than expected traffic. It provides you resources and personal space, but it is not as powerful as a dedicated server.

With more growth, better hosting is all you need. A better hosting after VPS is none other than to buy dedicated server.

Dedicated servers will ensure your website runs smoothly even when there are a lot of visitors.

Personal resources make it possible for the website to perform better and provide an incredible user experience.

Check any high traffic websites, and they will load fast. It is because they have the best hosting. Only a few websites will have loading issues. It also depends on the quality of services offered by the host. If your host is not a quality provider, you will not see much difference.

Among the best hosting services in India, MilesWeb offers solutions for VPS, Dedicated, Cloud, WordPress, cheap Reseller hosting. If you want a quality and affordable dedicated server, opt for MilesWeb.

They work on only one motive - to help every website be it small or big in every way possible. Their affordable services make it accessible to every user.

Understanding Dedicated Servers

Dedicated server hosting is a service that allows a fully isolated environment and control over the physical server. There's no need for sharing with any user. All resources are dedicated to your website, and you can utilize them as you want.

There is no restriction on the usage of resources or server management. It belongs to you, so you can monitor, manage, and customize it however you want.

MilesWeb offers both managed and unmanaged dedicated servers. For managed services, you need to reach the support team and they will assist you with the plans.

Unmanaged dedicated hosting plans range from Rs.6,999 to Rs. 46,999, which are the cheapest among web hosting companies. With the cheap cost of dedicated hosting plans, MilesWeb helps thousands of businesses every month.

If you are technical and can take care of the server, then unmanaged dedicated hosting is perfect. As you will not share anything with anyone, your resources will be highly reliable to the website. You can use them as per your preferences.

There are ten+ dedicated plans under dedicated hosting. You can select one as per the requirement.

Who Needs a Dedicated Server?

High Traffic websites - A website that receives constant high traffic needs a dedicated server to handle the traffic. Without a dedicated server, the website may face too many downtimes, server issues and security risks.

Big eCommerce Websites - eCommerce sites receive heavier traffic and have high-end applications, which require a better hosting server. Anytime downtime can cost you a lot. You will lose many customers and new visitors interested in the business.

Agencies - Any agency that deals with high-profile clients can opt for a dedicated server. You can give them the best possible experience with your smooth-running websites.

If your clients have websites, you can resell your resources and host their websites on your server.

Dedicated Server Benefits

Dedicated servers come with numerous benefits. If you are going for MilesWeb’s dedicated hosting, you will get many features that will help grow your business. 

The number of sales will rise, server management will not be an issue, smooth-running websites, and everything you need to grow.

Security - The physically isolated environment maintains a high level of privacy. A hosting environment where your traffic is not affected by the traffic of other websites is also advantageous.

Custom Applications - You can install custom applications on your server and run them without a glitch. You get all the power to customize the server.

MilesWeb offers full SSH root access. That means you enjoy the freedom to customize, install, and monitor web activities and applications.

Host Unlimited Websites - MilesWeb's dedicated servers permit you to host unlimited website hosting. You can host as many websites as you want without restrictions.

If you want, you can also shift all your websites from other servers to a dedicated server. You can even let your clients host on your server and earn from it.

IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses - Each bare metal dedicated server incorporates one IPv4 or IPv6 address. For any more IP address, you can purchase it at an extra cost.

Operating Systems - MilesWeb dedicated servers have a range of operating systems. You can choose the operating system of your choice and install web applications.

Control Panel - MilesWeb offers control panels like Plesk, Cpanel and Webuzo so you can manage your servers with ease.

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Final Thoughts

Dedicated servers work best for high-traffic websites. VPS can limit you at one point after you outgrow your business from expectations.

Growth is a continuous process. A virtual private server would not be enough to reach greater heights. It is better to have dedicated servers for greater privacy. The resources are highly reliable and secured. That means you will not face any risk of threats.

MilesWeb’s affordable plans for dedicated servers are something nobody offers. They are one of the best. So, you know who to choose.