Tuesday, February 22, 2022

3 Customer Support Strategies That Can Boost your Brand’s CX

 We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.

-Jeff Bezos

Customer Support Strategies Your CX Needs

The world of customer support is constantly changing. And with modern technology for contact centre solutions, customer expectations of good service have risen.

The rapid shift to work-from-home environments combined with consumers who are always expecting more translates to a challenge for support teams. But with progressive tools like cloud telephony services and intuitive analytic metrics among others, agility and efficiency are only a few steps away.

Improving customer experience

Turning a blind eye to customer expectations can lead to the loss of business. Not just that, negative customer experiences can damage your reputation in the long haul.

Thus, strategising for improved customer experience is a must in today’s time. Below are some suggestions that can help you and your team get a head-start:

1.     Multi-channel communication

The modern consumer is technologically savvy and inquisitive. With multiple platforms available to communicate with friends and family, they expect the same comfort and variety from businesses in their communications.

Multi-channel communication allows you to broadcast your messages on different platforms—an outdoor billboard, emails, calls, text messages, etc. Customer engagement is enhanced when your target audience is exposed to strategically placed messages via different channels.

Integrating cloud telephony services in your support channels is another way of making your customer services better. Features like IVR and effective call routing help your buyers navigate through most mundane issues on their own and reduce work burden on support agents.

Cloud telephony services also help you communicate with your buyers, while giving you a bird’s-eye view of their choices and preferences.

2.     Increased Personalisation

If a customer feels your business does not have the time to value them, their dissatisfaction turns them to your competitors.

The relationship between businesses and buyers is strengthened when a business has contexualised, personalised conversations with customers as well as meets their overall expectations and demands.

Customer experience becomes flawless when your brand is willing to evolve in harmony with what your consumer is looking for.

With cloud telephony features that allow recording and analysis of all incoming customer data, personalisation is now simpler than it was ever before.

Making efforts to offer tailored support based on historical data of customers helps your business reap the best outcomes in the long run.

Some quick ways in which personalisation can improve buying experiences are:

      Regular follow-ups to record customer opinions and feedback

      Notifying customers on their preferred channels with tailored recommendations

      Utilising recorded data to design surveys that can collect insights

According to Accenture, 91% of consumers prefer interacting with brands that are smart enough to provide relevant recommendations and offers to them.

3.     Embracing the top-down approach

Taking a customer-oriented approach will help you develop a culture that always puts your buyers ahead of everything else.

Companies that rely on the top-down approach when striving to create a customer experience strategy tend to receive higher revenue rates and have increased customer loyalty.

Business leaders should advocate for the customer-first model and tread towards setting an example that motivates employees to follow.

Offering timeless support and easy access to your customers is important, but these are just a small part of the overall customer experience.

Ensuring your business knows your customer's preferred channel of communication is crucial. If there is an important message or update that you wish to convey to your buyers, it is essential that they receive it in ways that they find the most convenient. 

Selecting the best channel to reach a customer is a critical step in smoothening your brand’s customer experience.


The first step to embracing multi-channel strategies in your customer support systems can feel intimidating.

However, when a mature level of strategising is attained through continuous brainstorming and effective implementation, it results in a sharp spike in customer satisfaction rates.

Building a solid presence using modern technology and different platforms will help your business create the best possible customer experiences. And with cloud telephony services, the journey is only going to get smoother and more rewarding.

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