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A Roadmap to Cisco Certifications and Learning Paths

A Roadmap to Cisco Certifications and Learning Paths

Cisco Systems Inc. is a networking and communications company that offers a variety of products and services. The routing and switching technologies are undoubtedly its most well-known products. Cisco provides storage networking, unified communications, telepresence, and collaboration (WebEx) software. Additionally, there are other varieties of services ranging from simple product maintenance to entire data centre and cloud management solutions. They provide a CCNP Course that can add wings to your professional career!

The Cisco Career Certification program is all-encompassing, ensuring that IT professionals have the skills and knowledge needed to support Cisco products and they also ably handle customers' technology problems on several fronts. It starts at the entry level, progresses to professional, associate & expert levels, and ends at the architect level. 

Levels of Cisco Certification

Candidates who wish to work as field engineers or Cisco technicians should get this entry-level CCNP certification Course. The associate level of knowledge prepares you for a career in information technology & network technologies. You can choose to follow one course to develop many core skills, or you can focus on cybersecurity or software development.

The professional level allows you to advance by concentrating on a core tech such as software development, data-centre management, enterprise networking, or security. Finally, the expert level certifies you for a more advanced skill set in fields such as data-centre administration, wireless networking, and security.

Entry-Level Certification

The Cisco Certified Technician entry-level certification allows you to diagnose, restore, repair, and replace Cisco networking and system devices for a Cisco customer. To handle support difficulties, you'd also collaborate with the Cisco Technical Assistance Centre. There are no official prerequisites. However, you should be familiar with the exam requirements beforehand.

CCT Certifications: Three concentrations are available for the CCT certification. Each one necessitates the passing of an exam.

CCT Collaboration: This course focuses on the skills required to support and maintain Cisco collaboration products like phones and video conferencing systems. You should be able to identify the various models, accessories, cables, and software necessary and service products using the Cisco command-line interface.

CCT Data Centre: This course will teach you to support and maintain Cisco's unified data-center machines and services. You'd have to figure out which servers, accessories, and cables are connected to the network, as well as the network's operating system and applications. You'd also be able to service the various products using the Cisco graphical user interface.

Associate-Level Certification

Three certifications are available at the associate level to assist you in your networking profession. To earn certification in any of the three, you must clear one exam.


The Cisco Certified Network Associate or CCNA certification is for persons who desire to learn networking and software development skills. This certification verifies your understanding of network principles, network access, IP connection, network security, and automation.

DevNet Associate

Software development is the focus of the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate. There are no prerequisites, but Cisco suggests at least one year of software development experience and a working knowledge of Python programming. 

CyberOps Associate

There are no official prerequisites for the Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate, which focuses on cybersecurity. This credential validates your understanding of cybersecurity operations, skills, and procedures.

Professional-Level Certification

Professional CCNP certifications are available in seven areas, allowing you to specialize in your area of interest and competence. It is perfect if you want to concentrate your career on a particular subject or technology. You must pass two tests for each Cisco certification covering core technologies and another with a concentration of your choice.

CCNP Enterprise

The CCNP training and CCNP Enterprise certification validate your competence to work with networking technology in larger companies. 

Wrapping up

Cisco has a large library of training and self-study materials. CCNP Courses Online learning, practice examinations, and learning laboratories are among the options available, with links to each certification's web page. Candidates can join the Cisco Learning Network for free and gain access to exam subjects, live seminars, IT training videos, study groups, forums, study resources, and more.

The Cisco Platinum Learning Library is a subscription-based service that offers professionals on-demand learning and access to more than 400 Cisco courses, hands-on vLabs, the support library, and more. Cisco Press also has additional training materials accessible. CCNP certification cost depends on the level you are applying for.