Thursday, March 17, 2022

Step-By-Step Guide To Become A Mobile App Developer in 2023

Become A Mobile App Developer

Coding Bootcamp is a program that lasts from 3 to 18 months, which provides you with the company-related training that the technology company is looking for.

You don't need prior knowledge of the coding for going into Bootcamp, they will provide you with the free course that will give you all the basic coding to get accepted by the top coding Bootcamps.

Are you the one who wants to do something interesting every day and is interested in growing technologies? So you are at the right place to learn something new and trending. In this blog, we are going to discuss a step-by-step guide to become a mobile app developer.

The mobile application industry is huge and expected to grow more in the coming years by a survey the data came to know is💲188.9 billion increments in the industry.

The transformative phase is going through in the mobile app development industry. You can even make certain mobile applications using new skills that can run on your computer also and ud the application which is made on o React Native, flutters can also be operated on mobile phones. There are billions of users that spend more than half of their time on mobile phones no doubt the industry is growing impactfully. Now to know all of these things in a better way let's discuss how one can be a good mobile app developer.

There are certain steps and things that we have to keep in mind while opting for this as a career option, let's take a look at some of the major steps.


As the name indicates mobile app development refers to the writing of the software for the different mobile applications, and it also gives the chance to make any of your ideas into reality from scratch.

There are basically two types of mobile app developer according to the devices first Google Android OS developer and second Apple iOS app developer, to become one of these the person need to have a perfect skill set for particular mobile development.

The developer firstly has to focus on one of the OS and then has to move on to the other as doing both can be a bit critical and difficult in the starting.



As many businesses are dependent on the mobile application can be critical mobile app developers do not give a good service to them. The mobile app developer shows that the app is working properly and if needs any changes in the system or has to be updated as per the requirement of the user. The mobile applications can be installed on mobile devices which makes them really handy and easy to use for vast users.


Android Application

Mobile App Development

Android development is one of the most known operating systems in the world. The Android developer is responsible for developing the app for android powered devices. Developing an app in the Android platform, the basic requirement you need is Java and Kotlin.

To know about the different languages which are used in Android development you have to first learn them properly with any source, by getting a technical course or by doing online courses available in the market. Many web development services provider companies help in learning.

iOS Application

iOS developers develop apps for iOS devices. They use technologies like Swift, Xcode. iOS developers develop applications for the device from the ground up. How to make an application for an iOS device mostly uses objective c for fixing code or maintaining them. To learn how to do iOS development Apple also provide you with the iOS developer library, here you will find many videos and tutorials for learning code. There are so many blogs available on the online platform. It helps you break down the complexity of the app development in small parts for easy understanding.



There are multiple ways from where you can learn about the skills required in mobile app development. some prefer to go to college or university and achieve a bachelor's degree in computer science and others prefer to do self-learning by the online platforms using different courses and videos.

There are many other options that are great for learning the technology like attending the Bootcamps. Bootcamps are the platform that gives you a course for 9 months and train you in the technology which is required by the student. It also helps you to maintain your portfolio in that technology which helps you to get good recruitment.


So basically in mobile app development, there are two platforms Android and iOS. So how to decide which one to prefer? You can always go for any one of the options and later on can transit to the other. You can choose a website development company that provides you with the courses. Neither of the both are tougher than another, the main difference between iOS and Android is they use different coding languages, Android uses Java whereas iOS uses objective -C. If you are good at Java then you should go for Android app development and if you have done your work in c# or any c language then you should prefer iOS app development.  


App Development Tips

You need to learn many skills before learning mobile development, and it is different for Android and IOS as mentioned above so let's discuss the first iOS.

iOS skills required:

For the iOS app development, the basic skills that are required for becoming a developer are learning to code in Swift, Xcode, and UI kit.


It is an easy-to-learn language. It is a new language and gets a good amount of frequent updates. Swift is used as the main programming language for iOS development so one should have a great knowledge of Swift.


It is an application that is designed by Apple to make it easy to write applications for Apple devices. As an IOS developer, you should know how to navigate your way through Xcode and learn about the different features of Xcode

UI kit

It is a framework to help iOS developers with user interfaces. It includes gestures, animation haptic touch control in application.

Android skills required:

Building user interface
Become A Mobile App Developer

You can always convert a design into an application by using Java, should also know about all the components of the android app.

Data storage and notifications

You should always know how to delete or store the data in the application whether you are on the other side you should always be aware of this to reach out to the user, should also work on the implementation of push notifications

Material design guidelines

One developer should always be aware of how to implement the basic material design into the application and also know how to use the material design framework which was introduced by Google in 2014.


To become an app developer you'll need to have some soft skills that are:


Every coding or technical job requires good knowledge of problem-solving and analytical thinking. This helps in solving the problem and thinking about the solution quickly and fixing it in existing codes. You should always know how to make changes in the application to meet the basic requirements need of the new specifications.



As a mobile developer, you have to always work in a team and cope with the other members of the team and should work well with others to accomplish the tasks.

Attention towards details

Details are very important in coding as any wrong code can lead the whole app to malfunction or crash the application. So you should always look forward to spending a good amount of time looking through the coding.


So to make your career in mobile development you should be focused on what you have to do and have to choose the path which you want to go for the future in app development. The steps mentioned above show how much you have to be prepared from before and how much you want to develop new things or enhance the older ones to achieve your goal.