Thursday, March 24, 2022

Best 3D Digital Art Software

3D Digital art has changed the meaning and significance of digital art in the world. It has come to use in creating animations, advertisements, or other great pieces of work. It is a great way of depicting life-like images without doing much hard work when compared to traditional ways of making 3D drawings. It is a great opportunity for professionals as well as beginners, in ways that can change their lives.

In order to start with your 3D project, you should be fully aware of the various software that allows you to create 3D images and objects. Listed below are some best applications that help you to do so.

Top 5 3D Digital Art Software To Use In 2022

Using 3D software for digital art makes it so easy for you to do your work. However, there is a lot of software available in the market but below here we have provided only some of the best options.

Autodesk 3ds Max

Autodesk 3ds Max, was called as 3D digital art software released in 1996. It is a software that creates 3D images for a wide range of spheres such as gaming, models, entertainment media, etc.

Compatibility- When the question arises regarding the compatibility of 3ds Max, it is   that it can work only on Windows 7 or higher versions of Windows, which make its scope quite narrow.

Tools- The tool sets provided by Autodesk 3DS Max are so wholesome that they have in themselves all the requirements that can help the artist create an amazing 3D art work. 

System and capabilities- A Z-up coordination system is used by 3ds Max for its functioning and the architectural visualisation capabilities of 3ds Max are amazing.

Price- 3DS max comes with a price of about Rs. 96,000 for a year, with a Trialware licence provided to its users

Usability- Complex 3D animation related tasks such as modelling, texturing and meshing of models is done using 3ds max. It is basically used for interior designing, and other such visualisations for architecture. It is also used widely for the creation of Video Games.


Adobe Photoshop

This 3D digital art software provides a variety of tools to the artists which make human effort minimal and generate a lot of ease in creating different types of designs and art forms. Adobe Photoshop does not only help in creating drawings or paintings, but also helps in editing, retouching, modelling, and converting 2D images into 3D images.

Tools- With a great quality of meshes that can contain within itself different materials associated with it and a texture map that helps to create various qualities such as color, pattern, shininess or bumpiness, Adobe Photoshop helps you to create a wide variety of 3D images. It also includes various Lighting tools like Spotlight, Infinite light, Point lights etc.

Accessibility-It is an easy-to-use app which you can get handy of with a little bit of practice. You do not need to do any professional course for learning to draw over Adobe Photoshop, which makes it a great choice for beginners.  

Support to third-party extensions- Adobe Photoshop provides support to many third-party extensions, which makes its scope even wider. You can have all those tools and brushes in your Photoshop software, which might not even be given by it.

Costly- Its subscription comes with a heavy cost of $600 for a year, which makes it less affordable for a large section of people. However, you can use pirated sites to get this software for free. But before doing that remember to activate your VPN service. If you do not have a VPN then you can also but one using NordVPN coupon code that will help you to save money by providing some discount.



With an edge over other apps because of its recent launch, Hexagon has come out to be a great application for the elements of data visualisations, analytics and management. It was launched in 2019 by M. App Enterprise. Besides 3D, it also has come up with a 5D smart digital reality and is considered as one of the best 3D digital art software.

Usability- It is an amazing modelling software, used for creating Sculptures, props, clothes etc. You can also transfer the images made using Hexagon to various other applications.

Tools- it has a variety of freehand modelling brushes, sculpted primitives which are already available in it and advanced 3D paint and many more such tools which help you create great pieces or work. It also has a great collection of 3D content such as vehicles, hair, creatures etc.

Compatibility- It can work well on Windows OS as well as Mac OS.

Price- To the surprise of many of its users and competitors, Hexagon is provided to its users for free. It is a great option with so many features for free, which you have to pay for in other apps.

Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Maya was created and launched by Alias Systems Corporation, Although, it was later acquired by Autodesk. Its usage includes creating characters for apps with 3d graphics, animated films, Television series etc.

Tools- It has an unmatchable variety of tools which are used for the jobs such as setting up frames and utilising curves, which makes it a great choice for animators.

Price- Users have to pay a sum of Rs. 12,500 for using Autodesk Maya for a year. It comes with a trialware licence for its users.

Compatibility- Autodesk Maya, has its versions available for Windows 7 or later, Linux, macOS 10.13 or higher and OSX platforms too, which makes the scope of its compatibility even large.

Usability- If we talk particularly about creating 3D images, Autodesk maya is an amazing software as it is a great platform that helps animators to do Rigging and Meshing, which is a quite complex process of creating life-like images. It can create rigs more complex as compared to other software and thus, it is widely used for the creation of 3D animation games. 

Sketchup Free

It is one of the most versatile 3D art software that is used for the creation of different types of artwork. It is compatible with mostly all Operating systems and is an easy-to-use software. It is a great 3D art generation software that can help you create amazing 3D images with lots of ease.

Usage- It is mostly used for the purpose of Interior designing and Home furnishing. It can also be used to create other kinds of 3D setups.

Compatibility- You can use Sketchup on Windows, Mac OS and Chromebook.

Usability- It is an easy-to-use and understandable software, which does not include the extra work of rigging and UV maps.

Price- It can be downloaded and used for free, although in case you want to have access to some additional features and tools, you can buy it for $119 per year.

Therefore, there are many free as well as paid software in the sphere of 3D animations that can be good for your use. You can always compare and go for any software, according to your needs, requirements and budget.