Monday, March 14, 2022

Top 10 Tips For Hiring Python Developers

Tips for Hiring Python Developers

You’ve just joined a new startup as the CTO and are ready to hire your first developer. But you’re stumped; you have no idea where to start! The Python community is huge, and there are plenty of developers out there, but how do you identify the ones that will fit your team? How do you make sure you’re hiring someone who can hit the ground running? Follow these ten tips when hiring Python developers to make sure you get it right the first time!


1) Developer Experience

One thing that makes Python unique is its emphasis on developer experience or DEVX. This is a quality metric that tries to measure how easy it is to work with a language—whether it’s simple syntax, helpful error messages, or other conveniences. Many developers love to program in Python because of its batteries including philosophy and abundant third-party modules.


2) Testing and Documentation

The first time a developer writes a program, it’s almost guaranteed to have bugs. How do you know if they’ve found them all? Test and documentation. A thorough test ensures your code works exactly as you want it to, and clear documentation will make future changes (and hiring new developers) much easier. It’s best if you can write automated tests (see Tools) yourself, but hiring someone else to do so is also an option.


3) Python Versions Used

If you want to hire a good Python developer, be sure to ask them what versions of Python they are familiar with. There are differences between version 2 and version 3, and your project could become problematic if your developer can’t use both versions proficiently. The same goes for other programming languages used on your projects; in addition to Python, many developers now use JavaScript or Ruby on Rails—find out which languages fit best with your overall project strategy.


4) Who Are They Working For?

One of the trickiest parts of hiring Python developers is getting them to work for you and not their own company. A lot of promising programmers have no problem starting a side gig (even if it’s a dangerous hobby, like motor racing), but they aren’t always interested in working for someone else.


5) Company Culture

Good company culture is essential to any business, especially a tech business. If you can’t get buy-in from your team, you’ll have a hard time executing your vision effectively. When it comes to hiring, keep an eye out for developers who will share that enthusiasm and respect your values.


6) Check Their Personality Type

Do you have an idea of what kind of personality type you’re looking for? It’s important to keep in mind that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to finding a good programmer. Depending on your company, you may need someone who can be flexible and independent or someone who will thrive in a collaborative environment.


7) Skills and Knowledge

When looking to hire, you’ll want to find people who already have experience with Python. You can ask applicants if they have prior experience or ask them to take a coding test, like our free Django Code Test. We’ve found that candidates who know how to use Django as a framework tend to understand Python in general, and are more likely to produce higher-quality code.


8) Communication Style

Communication style is an important attribute to be aware of when hiring developers. Even before writing any code, developers must work in sync with each other. With a shared language and style, it is much easier to understand what each team member is doing, no matter where they are in world. Look at various methods of communication - emailing, chat software like Slack or HipChat, or video conferencing - and consider using those tools to hire Python developers from around the globe.

9) How Many Projects Do They Work On?

If you’re just looking to hire a freelancer to work on one specific project and move on, then it’s important to make sure they can actually complete that project before hiring them. But if you’re looking for a longer-term hire, then it becomes more important that your candidate is taking on multiple projects at once. 

10) Verification of Know-How

Knowledge is power in any technical environment. When you’re looking to hire Python developers, start by verifying their qualifications. The most crucial qualification is verifiable experience with developing within a complex software stack.