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How To Download Instagram Profile Pictures

How To Download Instagram Profile Pictures

Instagram is becoming one of the most popular social networking networks. The app is optimized for mobile users. Its well-designed mobile application offers several useful features to its customers. As a result, you can't save other Instagram users' profile pictures.

Use one of the methods in this article to see or download an Instagram profile picture.

Why Can't I Download My Instagram Profile Pic?

Instagram is one of the safest social media networks. It includes several choices and features to boost internet security. However, Instagram does not allow you to view or download other Profile Pictures.

How to Download an Instagram Profile Pictures

While Instagram does not let you save other users' profile pictures, various tools do.

How to Save an Instagram Profile Pictures

Profile Picture is one of the easiest programs to use to download Instagram profile pictures. You can save a profile picture from any Instagram account using the username. Also, the interface is straightforward and simple. So, to save your Instagram profile picture on your smartphone, simply follow the steps below:

·        Start by downloading Instagram Profile Pictures Download from Google Play or your phone's App Store.

  • ·        Then launch this app and search for Instagram usernames.
  • ·        You may now search for an Instagram profile by entering its handle.
  • ·        It will then show the Instagram account's cover photo.


There are some great alternatives to Qeek for Instagram, which allows you to download Instagram profile pictures to your phone. It allows you to see original versions of other people's Instagram profile pictures.

·        Get the Qeek for Instagram app from the Google Play Store.

·        A tutorial guide appears when you open the app.

·        If you want to save a profile photo from Instagram, enter the username here and click Let's start.

·        It will then show the Instagram profile photo and options.

·        Using the Save button enlarges, full-screens, or downloads the profile photo. To save your profile pictures to your gallery, you must first grant this app access to your smartphone's storage.

Follow the steps below to save Instagram profile photographs from your PC:


InstaZoom is a popular website for saving Instagram profile pictures to your computer. Because it's a website, you can access it from your smartphone or PC. The website is easy to use and works like the Android apps.

Each step in the process of using Instazoom to download Instagram profile Pictures:

  • Goto into your PC's browser's address bar.
  • Use the top search box to find the relevant Instagram username.
  • It will offer many Instagram profiles for you to choose from.
  • Finally, you can save your Instagram profile photo to your computer. After clicking Download, the file will be transferred to your PC and saved.


Izuum is a great alternative with similar features and ease of use. But, unlike its competitors, it offers a simple user interface. Like InstaZoom, you must enter the username to see the profile photo.

·        Continue with each step to download Instagram profile pictures using Izuum:

  • ·        Open your PC's web browser and type into the address box.
  • ·        Go to this page and search for your desired Instagram username.
  • ·        Select an Instagram profile from the list that shows and then click Enter to save the profile pictures.
  • ·        The profile photo will be displayed in full resolution once you click the View original size link.

·        Finally, right-click the picture and select Save pictures to save it to your PC.

Using Instagram on Android

  • ·        Open Instagram on your phone or tablet.
  • ·        Find the individual whose profile photo you want to preserve.
  • ·        Copy or write down their username.
  • ·        Download a free profile pic downloader like InstaProfile from the Google Play Store.
  • ·        Repaste the copied username where prompted.
  • ·        Download the file here.

Using Instagram on Your iPhone

iPhone users can also download Instagram profile pictures. Download free profile pictures from the iOS store. To get started, take these steps:

  •      Open the Instagram app.
  • ·        Find the profile photo you want to download.
  • ·        Copy & paste or jot down the person's username
  • ·        Download a free app like Instazoom from the iOs store.
  • ·        Run the app
  • ·        Paste the username exactly where it is needed.


The fact that Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms internationally means that it takes privacy seriously, hence the ban on saving posts or profile pictures. To get around these limitations, you can use mentioned apps.