Thursday, August 11, 2022

Tips To Reduce Queue on Ticket Counters

The forever-coming support requests from clients can be stressful as well as exciting too. And if your team is capable, then customers will be satisfied; if not, then a minor issue can negatively impact. 

Most ticket businesses are opting for modern technology to prevent chaos from their ticket counter. It is because long waiting queues are a significant issue that also troubles the customers and companies. So, we highly suggest opting for the most effective techniques to manage the queue system of your business. It will increase your company's revenue and create a great brand image.

Below we have listed some tips for customer management that helps in reducing queues from ticket counters. Have a look!

10 Tips For Eliminating Crowd From Ticket Counters

1. Offer Self-Service Support System

Most of the customers like to find answers to their questions on their own. So, use the self-service support system to leverage the requirements of clients and make them feel empowered. Also, provide them with knowledge-sharing and self-service options. Furthermore, the self-service feature decreases the burden on the customer support team and lowers the operating price of a business.

Well, a self-service support system allows customers to put in queries and get answers. Also, they get immediate results with the access of searching. Furthermore, you can automate customer support by including the chatbots option. 

2. Consider Installing Queue Management System

Setting the right software in your workspace can help your customers to reduce the crowd from the ticket counter. You can opt for a queue management system that will help to improve customer experience.

With the help of a smart queue management system, it's easy to decrease customer queue time and enhance the productivity of employees.

It has a few options that manage the customers:

    Queue control feature

    Notification about the turnaround time

    Screen display

    Remote configuration

3. Monitor Ticket Status

Well, there are chances that some tickets might go unanswered, which will confuse your staff. To make sure all tickets are updated and in a queue, you need to monitor the status. Review the following points:

    In-Progress tickets

The assigned person must handle tickets that are still under process. Ask them never to jump to the other one until you update the tickets. Focus on the subsequent request when you are done with the previous one.

    New/Open tickets

Well, the new tickets should be answered soon. So, try to respond quickly to enhance the client experience.

    Pending/On-hold ticket

This status should be put only when the team is waiting for more information about the customer.

    Closed/Solved ticket

Well, this is a self-explanatory status. The closed/solved status will state that tickets are closed for the day.

So, a good ticket support system allows you to customize your customers' status. 

Tips To Reduce Queue on Ticket Counters?

4. Prefer Automation Of Workflow

When it comes to managing ticket counters, workflow automation plays an important role. It is the best way to manage the queue system and chaos in the workspace.

Workflow automation rules are:

    View all incoming requests

    Make sure all tickets are assigned to appropriate names.

    Check the ticket category.

    Look out for the overdue (if any).

    Eliminate the chances of common error.

Customers also use workflow automation in many ways, such as:

    If their ticket has overdue status, then it helps in sending an alert to authorities.

    Customers can send mail to the authority when a ticket is not updated for 10 or more hours. 

    If there is an issue on the ticket, then the automation helps in moving it to the Helpdesk category. 

5. Categorize Your Customers

Well, to ensure steady and smooth management of the customers for tickets, the queue system provides a categorizing feature.

Let's make it easy to categorize them as per the income coming from the clients.

    Give "VIP tag" to higher paying customers. Their problems should be solved faster.

    Give "Urgent tag" to the next category of clients.

    "As soon as possible tag" to others and more.

This will help your team to know what work should be done first, second, third, and so on.

6. Segment Support Tickets

Your queue system support team should be segmented according to the label or type of request the team handles.  

For segmenting the support queue, define the categories. It allows assigning the right cases to specific people and departments. Also, every team member can search for tickets and create custom reports to know weaknesses/strengths across different categories.

A team can segment support tickets like:

    By client

    By type of cases

    By priority

    By product and more.

7. Add Data On Tickets

Well, writing more details on the tickets is helpful. Also, it becomes easier for the team to process tasks in less time and effectively. 

Furthermore, contextual information helps in getting a better queue management system in a business. It includes:

    Customer since date

    Their ticket buying methods

    The version of buying and more.

8. Support For Service Providers

To handle the ticket counter's queue system, there must be a professional team. It implies that your employees should also get professional training from the experts.

Offer a comfortable and friendly working environment so that employees can work dedicatedly. High productivity means better customer service, and it will delight your customers too. Once your team is well-trained and works professionally, it means they will perform well in reducing the queues from ticket counters. But the unhappy team can never make your clients satisfied, which might cause severe issues later.

9. Escalate If Needed

Well, while working, your team will review the tickets that don't have any solutions. So, don't worry because leaving an unsolved ticket is perfectly okay.

Ask your team if they can't answer something, then pass it to the authorized person. Don't play "pass the parcel." It is because there are chances that customers might get angry. 

10. Strictly Follow Datas

Never believe “the words of mouth.” You would be a blind bird without accurate data. A business needs to track the data of customers and then identify who needs support.

Consider a few queries before working:

    What response time does your business provide to a customer?

    How many total unsolved tickets has a particular client experienced?

    Can you solve the ticket or need further help? 

    What is your ticket close rate?

So, for client satisfaction and efficient work, follow the previous insights. As well as consider the problems that customers have faced in the last ticket.


Customer support has dynamic impacts on the clients. So, make sure you monitor and adjust work accordingly.

Also, the queue system of ticket counters will be managed if you follow the tips we have listed above. Hopefully, after reading this, you will not experience major issues while working.