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10 Best Salon Management Software in Singapore

10 Best Salon Management Software in Singapore

Successful salon management begins with selecting the best salon software for your needs.

But I think you already knew that.

As a salon owner, you have undoubtedly already looked at other salon management software options by exploring multiple comparison portals. Although you seem just as puzzled as before.

It aids with the management of salon operations by keeping track of things like appointments and stock levels.

Increasingly robust feature sets are being bundled with an increasing number of software options.

Find out about the features of the top 10 salon software options in Singapore with our helpful guide.

What is Salon Software & Why it is Important for your Business?

Software for salons and spas is a type of business automation software that may be accessed online.  It's a useful tool for salon any business owner for managing their customer visits and also to keep the salon activities.

In addition to managing your existing appointments, you can also schedule new ones and receive alerts and reminders. Each salon management software has different capabilities although they can be easily modified according to the client requirements.

Nowadays salon owners want to take advantage of the technology and the salon software is one of them. The best software 

The best salon software does more than just schedule appointments to avoid double bookings; it also links customers' profiles with the services they frequently seek. Salons can more easily attract and keep customers if their marketing is more tailored to each individual.

Best Salon Software for Businesses in Singapore

#1 Salonist

If you own a salon, spa, or massage parlour, you should be using Salonist to manage your clients, appointments, and more.

Salonist is a comprehensive salon management system adaptable to the needs of businesses of varying sizes and specialisations. It's the best booking system for salons since it streamlines communication between the salon staff and the clients.

This software provides multiple features which helps to manage the salon business in an effective manner. Some of them are as follows:

      Online Appointment

      Multiple Payment Options

      Heps to manage salon marketing activities

      Loyalty Program

      Centralised Inventory

      Payroll Management

      Attendance Report

#2 Fresha

Fresha is perfect for a single stylist or a low-cost salon and it is one of the best salon software in the Singapore region. You can get started without worrying about a high learning curve, even if you lack technical expertise. In this case, no explanation is necessary. Promoting your salon on the Fresha client marketplace is a win-win for both parties.

Fresha's potential drawback is that it doesn't offer as much room for personalization as alternative solutions. The fact that it already has a polished appearance suggests that this won't be much of an issue. 

However, features like customising the look of your booking page or having reservations automatically added to your website would be off-limits.

In contrast to similar salon management software, there is no free trial period or usage caps with this one. But in terms of features, it outperforms the industry leaders despite not requiring a monthly payment.

#3 Vagaro

Vagaro is a salon system developed specifically for segments such as hair salons, spas, tattoo studios, and gyms. It is a one-stop shop for managing customers, appointments, payments, and stock for small business owners.

Additionally, it manages administrative tasks including employee payment, fees management, etc. Among its many useful features is the ability to track and promote salon products and keep track of salon stock.

Its membership pricing and lack of a free plan make it difficult for start-ups in the beauty and wellness industries to use the software.

#4 Phorest

Phorest is unique in its ability to provide salon chains with streamlined multi-location management tools. Thanks to its comprehensive reporting capabilities, business leaders can examine sales data at both the business level and the store level. 

Each salon branch may collaborate and share materials thanks to the system's seamless interactivity. Moreover, you don't have to create separate accounts for each of your salons if you want to view the same, up-to-date data.

#5 Mangomint

However, Phorest's subscription rates are flexible, and the company does not offer predetermined pricing options. There is also no demo available. Vagaro is an option to consider if you'd want a more standard rate structure for your monthly charges.

This software allows salon management, especially a large salon. It helps in salon daily business activities and helps to save time.

Mangomint is not only the most aesthetically pleasing option, but it also provides useful automations that minimise the time you spend on other salon administrative tasks such as scheduling and marketing.

It provides all the standard functions necessary for a salon software, and it does so incredibly effectively (calendar scheduling, online booking, POS, inventory, reporting). Additionally, one can easily integrate this salon management software with your preferred marketing and business platforms if you need more advanced functionality.

In my opinion, this makes it the best option for larger businesses because of its power and adaptability.

Features that stand out the most include:

      User-friendly, cutting-edge design

  Automations that are both intelligent and time-saving can make a huge difference in the efficiency with which businesses run their daily operations.

  Freedom of access to and control over one's own data and contractual relationships.

      Compatible with any service that offers such connections.

#6 GlossGenius

GlossGenius provides salon owners with an elegant and modern mobile booking interface. It gives business owners an easy-to-use environment which they can access in their Android as well as the iOS devices. 

It gives business owners an easy-to-use environment which they can access in their Android as well as the iOS devices. With its brand-building features, businesses may create eye-catching modifications to the booking interface and create attractive menus for their services.

GlossGenius's user interface is elegant, and the company offers powerful brand-building tools. However, the service does not offer a free plan for businesses with very little finances.

#7 Schedulicity

ScheduleIt provides salons and spas with a user-friendly scheduling platform. It caters to start-ups with its free plan and established businesses with its paid memberships. Some of its uses include appointment scheduling, marketing tools, and much more. Its class administration tools, such as class listings, waitlist management, and safety waivers, are useful for health and fitness centres.

On the other hand, you can schedule up to 10 meetings with Shedulicity's free version. The free plan doesn't even have a way to accept payments. If you're looking for a solution that offers both of these benefits, Fresha is a fantastic choice.

#8 Square Appointments

Square Appointments is an excellent substitute for both a costly point-of-sale system and a complex salon management software suite.

Since the appointment scheduler is free for anyone to use, it's a fantastic choice for those who rent out individual styling stations or who work as freelancers. The true potential of Square Appointments, however, comes from the fact that it can be used in collaboration with every other Square marketing and business tool.

You can start with Square's appointment planner and then expand to their professional POS unit, and even Square Online to create an online store.

#9 MindBody

MindBody is an enterprise-level tool for managing salons, fitness centres, and gyms. You may use it to accept payments, keep tabs on who's sending you referrals, and manage your team using time and attendance capabilities. There is an artificial intelligence front desk component that can handle common client inquiries, sales, and appointment scheduling in the absence of human employees.

Despite MindBody's high price tag for new users, it is a powerful salon management tool. In addition, its advertising platforms are excluded from the cheaper packages.

#10 Timely

Timely’s  User-friendly interface is designed to be intuitive and simple to use, so that anyone can get the most out of it without having to learn any complicated technical details.

There is nothing missing that would prevent your salon from flourishing.

Support for both online and in-store purchases, as well as a 0% commission marketplace, a POS system, and extensive advertising for your salon all come standard.

Salons that require more than simply an Internet booking system would benefit from this. Highly recommended for salons looking for commission-free client referral software to better organise their day-to-day operations.

Closing Statement

We considered the availability of features like appointment booking, employee management, inventory management, and location history monitoring to find the top salon management software. Moreover, we analysed the available payment methods, the inclusion of marketing resources, and the presence of stock-control systems.

After researching numerous options, we decided on Salonist as our top pick among the best salon software in Singapore because of its comprehensive nature and the ease with which its users can oversee their entire beauty and health establishment. Among its many useful features are a simple booking interface, better payment options, an inventory management system, etc.