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Simple Methods To Convert EDB To PST: Complete Guide

Simple Methods To Convert EDB To PST: Complete Guide

If you are finding the easiest solution to convert EDB to PST then, you must read this blog. Here, you will find a manual technique to convert EDB files to PST. It also contains reasons, why users want to export EDB to PST. 

Here, we have also mentioned an automated technique using a tool EDB to PST Converter to make your conversion process easy.

EDB files are Exchange Database files that are used by Microsoft Exchange Server. They contain data related to mailboxes, emails, contacts, notes, calendars, tasks, and other user information. 

The EDB files are used to store and manage all of the data related to the Exchange Server. On the other hand, PST files are Personal Storage Table files, used to store Outlook emails, contacts, calendar items, and other data.

Sometimes users want to convert EDB to PST due to specific reasons.

Before going to the solution first we should know why we need to change EDB to PST. There are some precise causes are given below due to why users require to convert EDB files into PST format.

Why Do We Need To Export EDB To PST?

There are various reasons users are switching from EDB to PST. Some reasons are as follows:-

1. To keep the Exchange Server data: The EDB files contain all the data stored in the Exchange Server. Converting the EDB files to PST files allows users to maintain their data in a safe and secure format.

 2. Export mailbox from EDB to PST: The PST files can be easily imported into Microsoft Outlook, making it easy to access the data stored in the Exchange Server.

3. To restore lost Exchange data: If a user loses access to the Exchange Server, they can use the PST files to restore the lost data.

4. To migrate Exchange data to other platforms: PST files can be easily converted to other formats, like MBOX, EML, HTML, etc. It allows users to easily migrate their Exchange data to other email clients or platforms.

Let's move to the manual technique to convert EDB to PST. 

How To Convert Exchange EDB To PST Manually By Using Exchange Admin Center

Follow the given steps to export mailboxes from EDB to PST.

  1.Log into your Exchange Admin Center.

  2. Go to the “Recipients” tab and select “Mailboxes

  3. Click the “+” icon to add a new mailbox.

  4.  Select “More Options”.

  5. Select “Import from a PST file” and then click “Browse”.

  6. Choose the EDB file from which you want to import the data and click “OK”.

  7. Select the mailbox to which you want to import the EDB data and click “OK”.

  8. You can also select the location to save the PST file.

  9. Click “Import”.

  10. The EDB file will be converted to PST and the data will be imported to the selected mailbox.

With the help of the manual method, you can extract data from EDB files and save them into PST file format. But using this traditional method, you may face some difficulties and it takes a long to complete the process. It has some limitations to exporting EDB to PST. Now, we will explain some of the limitations in the next phase.

Limitations of Using Manual Methods

These are some of the drawbacks users face when using manual methods.

1. Manual conversion of EDB to PST is a time-consuming process.

2. It is a technically challenging process and requires expertise.

3. Manual conversion can cause data loss or corruption if not done properly.

4. It is difficult to recover large EDB files manually.

5. It is a very risky process and can lead to permanent data loss if not done correctly.

As we have already learned, the manual process involves several steps and has limitations. Now let's talk about the professional method. With the help of the automated method using a tool EDB to PST Converter, you can easily convert EDB to PST. To save time and effort, you can select single or multiple EDB files and convert them into PST at once. 

It does not require any technical knowledge to export mailbox from EDB to PST, both technical and non-technical people can easily use this method. It keeps the data safe during the conversion of EDB files. You can easily extract data from EDB files and save them into Outlook PST without any data loss. Let us see the whole article in a few words.


In this blog, we discussed the reasons why users convert EDB files into PST format. We have explained the manual method to convert EDB to PST. But this method has some limitations therefore, we have also mentioned a professional method to change EDB to PST for secure conversion. I hope this article is helpful for you and you have found your solution here.