Thursday, January 5, 2023

5 Incredible Gaming Logo Design Ideas & Inspiration in 2023

5 Incredible Gaming Logo Design Ideas & Inspiration in 2023

The gaming industry primarily targets young audiences. Youths are hyperactive, full of passion, and act on instinct. Unlike any other industry, the gaming industry runs on adrenaline. If you plan to infiltrate this incredible industry, your brand will need a flashy gaming logo design.

Branding is challenging, and you must know what encourages young audiences. And a perfect logo design is the first step toward your progress. The customers see the brand logo before its highlights and descriptions. 

An attractive logo is much more critical in gaming than in any other industry. This article will share 5 incredible gaming logo ideas and inspiration for 2023.

5 Inspiring Trends in Gaming Logo Design

An ideal gaming logo design has features that are easily understandable, plain looking, premium design, and everlasting, but that's not the case in gaming. To make a perfect logo for a gaming platform you must keep specific tips in mind, which are as follows.

1.     Negative Space Trending Gaming Logo Design

The negative Space logo is a new idea in the industry, but the users love it. Negative space is the term for the blank space behind any logo. You can use the background of all the images in a logo as logo design art.

For example, your negative space logo could be like two birds sitting on a tree branch. The background's negative space can be in the shape of a heart. It will tell your audience what to expect from the game while remaining mysterious and exciting.

You can use the technique to make a similar logo for your gaming band. The images in the front describe your game, and the negative space implies your company services, industry, or anything related.

A negative space logo gives teens a classic gaming look and something to remember. Remember that these are just basic negative logo layout ideas. You can mix them with other types and make a perfect logo. You can do so by using a logo builder available online for free.

2.     Character Logo

Every popular game online has its characters in its logo. Games like PUBG, IGI, and Clash of Clans have their avatars presenting the game theme themselves. Even if you are a company of many games, you can use your most popular character among young audiences.

Some famous examples of companies that use character logos are SuperCell, Play studios, and Rockstar Games. Using your character or name gives your brand a joyful and entertaining theme. Additionally, it describes your facilities and provides the first look at your game.

The typography and color palette are necessary factors in making a character logo. If you plan to make one, choose informal typography and many color pallets.

Making a gaming logo design with a specific character comes down to your audience's age and taste, but it still benefits to keep an eye on the trending brands in the industry.

3.     Retro Gaming Logo Design

The kids are not into light-hearted gaming anymore. For most of the audience, the thing which excites them is action and battle fighting. A retro look gives you credit even if you have a light-hearted game.

Such logos signifies heightened experience, a pleasure every gamer seeks. The first impression is the last. Give your audience an impression of satisfaction just by looking at your logo. On top of that, retro looks are always in fashion. So, you can keep your logo the same for a long time.

Companies that change their logos too often lose their credibility and no longer capture the audience. Retro logos are the best and always in-trend gaming logo designs. If you are making a gaming logo, giving it a retro look can be a good option.

4.     Shapes & Geometry Logos

News channels often use circles as a brand logo. It might seem bland and be your last choice, but gaming companies are different. The audience distinctly receives these logos.

The majority of the users in the gaming industry are below twenty. Most of them are in the educational phase, and shapes and geometry logos connect with these audiences. Research has shown that young audiences connect more with shape and geometrical figures than with alphabets.

A stylish hexagon or a square and triangle combined to make a fish are two genotypes that have gained credibility in the industry. Describing a brand using shapes in your gaming logo design is a fast way to connect with your younger audiences.

But it isn't easy to make these logo designs with shapes. Online logo builders can help you with that. It makes making logos quick and efficient.

5.     Simple Gaming Logo Design

Your logo should not be plain, but it can be simple. A simple logo is the most catchy logo. They gain attention and are easy to remember. Of course, a gaming company needs more than a simple logo. You can make some specific modifications.

A good recommendation is to fill your logo with vibrant colors. A simple and colorful logo with more than 4 colors justifies the industrial theme. Also, you can use some shapes relevant to your company. A good example is Rockstar Gaming. They placed a star at the foot of 'R' and made a memorable logo for the rest of our lives.

The logo is plain with only two figures, making it easy to remember, yet it connects with its brand name. Using a simple gaming logo design gives your brand a premium look. On top of that, it makes a logo easily memorable and instantly connects with the hyper-focused youth.


All 5 gaming logo ideas are trending now. These logo designs are time-tested and valuable to make a brand out of your company. Many other factors determine an ideal logo and its success. You can research your competitors and industry to gain insight into your audiences.

Don't hold back your creativity, either. Making a logo in the entertainment industry requires the best creative minds. Let the ideas come to you. Combining external research, creativity, and the help of the best logo generator can make a perfect gaming logo design for your company.