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Helping Clients to Migrate Email From HostGator to Office365

Helping Clients to Migrate Email From HostGator to Office365

Do you want a solution to migrate HostGator emails to Office 365? If you are also finding a way to execute this transfer. Then you are on the perfect page. Here is the complete guide to transferring all the emails from HostGator to O365. For further access to migrate email from HostGator to office 365, use the automated software Cigati HostGator Backup Tool.


HostGator is well-known for domain service providers. It provides a reliable, fast, and suitable platform for all hosting and domain name management needs. It is the most popular service provider and can operate and maintain small businesses smoothly. On the other hand, O365 is a secure and reliable business email service provider for business objectives.

It is a cloud-based platform that provides you with multi-feature services like Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Teams, and many more. Many users use HostGator hosting service and their email services, but due to some personal or official reasons, they want to switch from their email service provider to another such as Office 365. 

However, In some instances, users also want to add Hostgator email to Gmail. In this blog, we will discuss how to migrate Hostgator email to office 365, but before that let's have a look at the reasons behind this migration process.

Why Migrate HostGator Email to Office 365?

Here we are providing some of the main reasons behind the HostGator migration to Office 365 accounts.

O365 offers many stunning offline applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and others.

   Users can use Office 365 on Macs, PCs, Tablets, and Phones. And also you can access their data offline.

  Office 365 updates itself automatically regularly. You will get notified of the latest features, updates, security, and bug fixes.

 HostGator email service provider is handy only for small businesses and organizations. It contains many limitations, so it requires the users to set up HostGator email on Outlook.

After reading the above-listed reasons, users start seeking a solution for HostGator to Office 365 migration. In the next part, we will deliver the manual techniques, which will assist you in implementing the task transfer emails from HostGator to O365.

Free Ways to Migrate Email from HostGator to Office365

Here we have mentioned an easy technique to migrate HostGator emails to Office 365. For this, we have split the procedures into different parts. So, you should follow each step in a sequence carefully to complete your task.

Step 1. Manage your Email Client Settings

Step 2. Import HostGator emails to Outlook

Step 3. Save the Email to the Computer

Step 4. Disconnect Hostgator account from Outlook

Step 5. Migrate HostGator Emails to Office 365

Follow the steps which have mentioned above. After performing, you can Transfer Hostgator Email to Office 365.

Step 1. Manage your Email Client Settings

Throughout the below steps, log in and customize the email settings and verify the SSL/TLS settings.

    Go to the HostGator Customer Portal and log in with your credentials.

    Now, under the control panel, choose the Email Account option.

    Afterward, it will open the cPanel wizard of your Email Account.

    Here scroll down the page of the listed email accounts and click on Connect Devices.

    Then, locate the Mail Client Manual Settings. Here, you need to note & verify the details of the secure SSL/TLS Settings.

Step 2. Import HostGator emails to Outlook

To perform the task of importing emails from HostGator to MS Outlook. Consider the below-provided steps.

    Open the Outlook application on your computer and go to the File tab.

    Click on Add Account option to add your account.

    Next, hit the Setup Account option, provide your HostGator email address, then click on Connect.

  After that, click on the next window of Advanced Setup. And choose the IMAP option.

 Here, enter the required details that you gathered previously from secure SSL/TLS settings.

    Now, provide the required connection settings and press the Next button.

    Then, enter your password and hit the Done button.

Step 3. Save the Email to the Computer

Here, we are moving to provide the steps. That will back up your Outlook data file to the external drive.

    Launch your Outlook application, and navigate to the File menu.

    After that, click on Open & Export and hit the Import/Export option.

    Here choose the Export to a file tab and click the Next button.

    Now, select the Outlook Data File (.pst). And press the Next button.

    Afterward, choose an account that you want to export. And tap Next.

    Then, click the Browse option to set a path for a new PST file.

    Here, opt for the Advanced option related to Duplicate emails. And mouse-click on the Finish button.

    After that, you can set the password for saving the new PST file and tap OK.

    In the last, confirm whether the file is at the given location.

Step 4. Disconnect Hostgator account from Outlook

It is necessary to remove your HostGator account from your Outlook account before linking your Microsoft 365. Here are the steps. You need to follow this to unlink your HostGator account from the Outlook account.

 Go to your Outlook application, navigate to the File menu, and click on Account Settings.

   Now select an account that you want to remove from your Outlook. And hit the Remove button.

   After that, a new pop-up will appear and ask you: Do you want to continue? Click the Yes option.

  Finally, the account has been removed successfully from your Outlook account.

Step 5. Migrate HostGator Emails to Office 365

In this step, we will help you to connect your O365 account to your Outlook. For this process, apply these steps to make a connection between your accounts.

 In the Outlook application, go to the File menu >> Open & Export >> Import/Export option.

  After that, choose Import from Another Program or File and hit the Next button.

    Now choose the Outlook Data File (.pst) and click on Continue.

    Here, add the PST files. Which you exported in the previous step, then hit the Browse button.

    Afterward, tick the inbuilt option to remove the duplicate emails and mouse-click on the Next button.

    Now, set a password to the PST file. If you want and click OK.

   Further, choose the Import items in the same folder. And select the Office 365 account from the dropdown menu.

    Finally, press the Finish button to complete the process.

After performing these steps, Outlook will start fetching the information from the PST files to your Office 365 mailbox. Finally, the migration process gets completed here. Now, you can see your Hostgator-hosted email in your Office account.

But, this method comes up with many limitations. Like time taking processes, complex to perform steps, need technical knowledge to execute, etc. But you don't need to worry about it. 

To overcome these restrictions, we have the best and most effective standard utility Cigati HostGator Backup Tool, which is like a boon for you to complete the task export Hostgator email to Office 365.

Alternate Solution to Migrate Email from HostGator to Office 365

Cigati HostGator Backup Tool is prominent software that helps you to migrate emails from HostGator to O365 without losing any data. The software is enough to import the bulk of HostGator emails to your Office 365 mailbox and multiple email clients like Gmail, Thunderbird, Hotmail, IMAP, Yahoo Mail, AOL, etc. It also saves the HostGator emails into various file formats such as PDF, PST, MSG, MBOX, EML, CSV, and many more.


In this blog, we have discussed the complete process for migrate email from HostGator to Office 365 through the manual and the professional approach. But the manual method is too lengthy, time-consuming, and has other drawbacks. Therefore, we recommend you opt for an easy solution to transfer HostGator mailbox data to O365.