Friday, March 10, 2023

How to Export Emails from Outlook to Excel Automatically?

How to Export Emails from Outlook to Excel Automatically?

Here, we will discuss on how to export emails from Outlook to Excel automatically with all details and attachments. To learn more, read the entire blog post.

Most of users are used to working with Microsoft Excel, and they need to manage information or data into Excel Spreadsheet tables in order to comprehend the results and obtain specific outcomes. If the user wants to export Outlook emails to Excel with the date, time, and message, they should utilize Outlook as their email client. Let's look at those steps in the backup process for Outlook emails.

“Hi! This is David. Now, I am working as the service provider and using Microsoft Outlook as my email client. But I needed to export Outlook emails to Excel Tabular Format for a number of reasons. I spent a lot of time looking, but I couldn't come up with the appropriate answer. Please help me to get out of this situation and offer some top suggestions for how to do this task. We appreciate you.”

Benefits of Exporting Outlook Emails to Excel

Using Microsoft Excel's export function is one of the safest ways to share data. The spreadsheet's design makes it possible for you to arrange the conversations into a database. Using several criteria, including the date and search context, you will be able to look for previous interactions and exchanges.

It's a good idea to consider a spreadsheet as a backup option. It is important to duplicate any Outlook data that could be valuable later. It's possible that in the future, for either private or legal reasons, you'll need to access specific chats. In the unfortunate event that the data is lost due to a server issue (which would be a terrible scenario!), you will have the XLS file as a backup.

Automated Way to Convert Outlook Emails to Excel without Outlook

In order to export Outlook contacts directly to Excel, it is advised that users use a suitable CubexSoft Outlook Converter. You can instantly export the complete Outlook Address Book data. A capable Outlook PST Converter application can be used to successfully export the Outlook emails to Excel. 

Transferring all of the Outlook contacts and address book information to Microsoft Excel is the finest option. The entire mailbox folder hierarchy will be maintained by this tool. Moreover, it keeps important email components, including Cc, BCC, Date, Time, Signature, Hyperlinks, etc., without erasing any data. The fact that MS Outlook installation is not necessary makes this toolkit the finest.

How To Export Emails from Outlook to Excel Automatically?

Use the steps listed below to complete this work without any difficulty:

     1.  Set up the PST Contacts Converter program on your computer.

     2.  The tool will offer two options to select Outlook PST files by clicking Export Single Files or Export Multiple Files. And press OK button to continue further process.

     3.  After then, the software will begin scanning every mailbox. After choosing the necessary folders, click the Export button.

     4.  Choose CSV file format from the provided saving list to complete the operation after that.     

      In order to export Outlook emails to Excel, users can also choose the destination path and then click the Convert button.

Why pick a professional solution over Manual techniques?

This application offers a variety of functions that users find useful for exporting Outlook emails to Excel:

       ·        It is an exporter application that exports quickly.

       ·       Users of this tool get 100% accurate results. 

       ·        Also, this software maintains address, date, and time.

       ·        The Outlook application does not require installation.

       ·        Users can choose from a variety of file-saving options.


This post explains an excellent approach to converting Outlook contacts to Excel spreadsheet files without using Outlook. The ability to correctly manage, sort, arrange, or format Outlook Contacts or emails using Excel benefits users in a variety of ways.