Tuesday, June 20, 2023

How To Add Full-screen YouTube Video Background in WordPress?

How To Add Full-screen YouTube Video Background in WordPress?

In today's digital epoch, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to engage their website visitors and create captivating user experiences. One effective way to do this is by incorporating dynamic video backgrounds into your WordPress business site. bespoke wordpress development By utilizing YouTube videos as full-screen backgrounds, you can instantly grab the attention of your audience and provide an immersive visual experience.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of adding YouTube videos as the entire screen background in your WordPress business site.

Choose a Suitable WordPress Theme

To begin, you need to ensure that your WordPress theme supports full-screen video backgrounds. While many modern themes offer this feature, it is essential to verify before proceeding. 

WordPress plugin development services You can check the theme's documentation or contact the theme developer for clarification. Alternatively, you can explore WordPress marketplaces to find themes explicitly designed for video backgrounds.

Install and Activate a Video Background Plugin

To enable YouTube videos as full-screen backgrounds, you will need to install a video background plugin. WordPress provides several plugins that simplify this process. One popular choice is "Video Backgrounds for SiteOrigin Page Builder," which integrates seamlessly with popular page builders like SiteOrigin. Another option is "MB.YTPlayer for background videos," which is compatible with various page builders and offers additional customization options.

To install a plugin, navigate to your WordPress dashboard, select "Plugins," and click on "Add New." Search for the desired plugin using the provided search bar. Once you find the appropriate plugin, click "Install Now," followed by "Activate" to activate the plugin on your website.

Configure Plugin Settings

After activating the video background plugin, you will typically find dedicated settings in the WordPress Customizer or a separate menu within the dashboard. Locate the plugin's settings and configure them to suit your preferences.

Usually, the plugin will require you to enter the YouTube video URL or embed code. WordPress Website Development Services To obtain the YouTube video URL, visit the YouTube video you wish to use, click on the "Share" button, and copy the provided URL. If the plugin requires the embed code, click on the "Share" button and select the "Embed" option. Copy the provided embed code and proceed to the next step.

Implement the Video Background

Now that you have obtained the YouTube video URL or embed code, it's time to implement the video background on your website. Depending on the plugin, you can either apply the video background globally to all pages or customize it for specific sections or pages.

If you want to set the video background globally, navigate to the plugin settings and enter the YouTube video URL or embed code in the provided field. Save the changes, and the video background should now appear on all your website pages.

If you prefer to customize the video background for specific sections or pages, you may need to use the page builder's functionalities. Custom WordPress Development Services Typically, you can insert a video background widget or module, paste the YouTube video URL or embed code, and adjust the settings according to your requirements. 

Bespoke WordPress development Consult the plugin's documentation or support resources for detailed instructions on implementing video backgrounds within your chosen page builder.

Test and Optimize

After adding the YouTube video as a full-screen background, it is crucial to test its functionality and appearance on various devices and screen sizes. Custom WordPress Development Make sure that the video scales properly and maintains its aspect ratio on different devices, such as desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Additionally, consider optimizing the video background for performance. Large video files can significantly impact your website's loading speed, leading to a poor user experience.

Compress the video file to reduce its size without compromising too much on quality. Various online tools and desktop software are available to assist you in compressing video files effectively.


Incorporating YouTube videos as full-screen backgrounds in WordPress business sites can significantly enhance the visual appeal and engagement of a website. By utilizing this feature, businesses can create a captivating and immersive experience for their visitors, making a lasting impression and increasing the likelihood of conversions.

The process of adding YouTube videos as entire screen backgrounds in WordPress is relatively straightforward, thanks to various plugins and customization options available.

This flexibility allows website owners to select the most suitable video content that aligns with their brand, communicates their message effectively, and resonates with their target audience.