Monday, June 12, 2023

PrintSec: Safeguarding Printers - IT Sector's Essential Tips

Have you ever heard of printer-related security breaches? Probably not! But they are true, and you must study the consequences. The IT sector is highly susceptible to these attacks, and bad guys will use the printer to enter the database or steal something. 

Unluckily, only a small portion of IT businesses prioritize printer security. This post will reveal printer security risks and tips the IT sector should follow to avoid security breaches related to printing devices. Keep walking with us to learn more! 

Printer Security Risks:

Hackers and other bad actors can use a printer in your office or IT business as an attack surface. Adding an extra security layer to your printer would prevent these attacks. The industry is still ignorant of this fact, and we often experience minor incidents like data breaches and security attacks. The following list will uncover a few common printer security risks you must know and prevent. Let us begin!

i) Printer attacks:

Hackers in this dynamic era can use your printer as a pawn for DDoS and other security attacks on your IT infrastructure. The statement probably shocked you, but it is true and happening in the industry. Bad actors will exploit your printers to wreak havoc on company infrastructure and cause unrest in the IT sector.

ii) Network vulnerability:

If your printers are insecure, you can put the entire network security at risk. Hackers will never miss the opportunity of stealing data or breaching your network walls. Why give them a chance with weak printer security? It takes only a single open vector on your printer to access the entire network.

iii) Data breaches:

Printer caches will store sensitive information like customer data, confidential documents, and social security numbers. What if hackers access the data through an open vector on your device? If left unguarded, stealing this information would be easy pickings for online criminals. Even with simple tools, executing the task would be easier for bad guys.

iv) Theft:

We will not blame hackers in this heading. Anyone in the office can steal documents from your printer tray. What if you print a sensitive document or confidential information and attend a call? Anyone can pick the printed document and see what the document says.

These security risks can be alleviated by bringing a secure printer into your office. It is time to contact printer rental Dubai companies and rent a secure device for your IT business t avoid data breaches!

Tips To Avoid Printer Security Risks:

The IT sector can optimize and streamline print operations by following strict security protocols. With the right tools and strategies, you can avoid these security breaches and keep your data intact. Various IT businesses often neglect these points and end up facing serious security problems. Let us go through the security tips you should follow for your printers in your organizations.

i) Plan a printer security strategy:

IT organizations should pay higher respect to training employees about using printers. These devices are highly vulnerable and your team members must know how to use them. A printer security strategy will incorporate plans and processes about print jobs and how the resources must be used. A layered strategy will cover all the basics and incorporate security functionalities of a particular printing device.

ii) Lock down the printer:

Basic printer security starts with the printer. It is always a better idea to keep your printer in a safer area. Modern-day printers come with access control and authentication features, reflecting built0in security features. IT administrators should check with these security features to protect the device. Why not house the printer in a safe area to protect it from security threats?

iii) Rent a secure device:

Another security tip you should follow is to rent a secure device for your IT organization. It will make a meaningful difference! Hackers will always exploit the weak points on your device and what if they don’t find one? You can protect your entire network and database from these attacks. A well-secure device will come with basic built-in security features as the manufacturers know the vulnerabilities.

It would be best to contact reliable printer rental Dubai companies and rent a secure printing device from them. You will enjoy the many advantages of this deal and hackers will never enter your network or database.

Protect Your Printing Infrastructure From Cyber-Attacks!

How do you protect your printing infrastructure from external attacks? Hackers will never stop attempting to breach your network walls and steal your data. Since you will print confidential data with your device, it is highly vulnerable to external attacks. 

Left unguarded, bad actors will snatch this info and use it for bad purposes. The best you can do is to rent a well-secured printer for your organization. Contact reliable printer rental companies and let them help you!