Saturday, July 29, 2023

How to Upload PST to Office 365 Without Any Data Loss?


Are you worried about the security of your data? Then you are on the right page. Here you will learn about the necessity to quickly upload PST to Office 365. Storing all your data in a PST file is fine, but when it comes to security, users opt for Office 365. It is one of the most trusted email platforms through which users send and receive various emails.


All the users willing to transfer all the PST file data to Office 365 will be able to do it swiftly without any hurdle. We will be sharing the technique and professional tool to begin the task smoothly. Users are hurrying to migrate PST files to Office 365, as they are concerned about their data security. 


Reason to upload PST to Office 365


Many users are using Office 365 for their business purpose and are very comfortable with this platform. Users rely more on this platform; now, everyone wants to shift their data to Office 365. Users are looking for the reason behind migrating all the data to Microsoft 365; here, we share a few reasons.

  • Office 365 has amazing subscription plans that allow users to buy the product at an affordable cost. This will maintain the security of the data.

  • Office 365 is a cloud-based service accessible to all users anytime, anywhere and through any device. Therefore, all the users must back up their data and import PST to Office 365 quickly. 

  • It is easy to manage Office 365. Once you have set up the process, you can install the tools immediately.

  • Users can edit the file and communicate easily from one place to another.

  • Losing crucial data is very scary for users, especially for businesspeople to store their daily data. Hence, users should upload PST to Office 365 to benefit their data.

  • If users switch their data to Office 365, they will get an instant update if any new versions are introduced. The platform will automatically update Office 365 to its newest version.


Different techniques to perform the task


Migrating all the data from PST to Office 365 is a tedious task for the users; it is also essential for users to protect their data. Hence, to begin the task, users can perform the task with two techniques. The manual method and professional third-party tool are the two ways. 


However, the manual method is difficult and can be performed by technical experts. Whereas with professional third-party tools, there is no such condition; anyone can perform the task with a professional tool. In the following paragraph, we will discuss both methods for the users.


Migrate PST files to Office 365 manually.

1.     Export to PST file

  • Visit the control panel and click on the mail option.

  • After that, the mail setup dialogue box will appear, then hit the show profile option.

  • Now on the dialogue mailbox, click on the drag-down arrow under the Always use this profile option. Click on the Outlook option and then hit the Apply and Ok option.

  • After that, open Microsoft Outlook, click on the file option, and then open Export>> Import/ Export from the taskbar.

  • On the next Import and Export wizard, click on the Export to a file option and then click Next.

  • The Export to Dialogue box will appear before you tap the Outlook data file option and then hit Next.

  • Now Export Outlook data file dialogue box will open, choose the PST file or specific mailbox and then click on the Next option.

  • Post that, check out the location to save the PST file, then give a name to the file and then hit the Ok option.

  • Lastly, tap the "Do not select the duplicate item" option.

2.   Import PST to Office 365

  • Open Microsoft Outlook in your system, click the file option> Open and Export, then the import and export option.

  • The import and export dialogue box will appear before you there select the import from another program or file option. Later on, hit the Next option.

  • Next, the import to file option will appear, select the Outlook data file option and click the Next option.

  • The import Outlook data file option will open; tap on the browse option where you want to locate the PST file. Choose the PST file and hit the open option.

  • After that, click on the "Do not export duplicate item" option, click on the Next option to continue, and then hit the Finish option.


Some limitations of the manual method


Many users want to go with the manual method, as earlier people rely on the manual methods only. Before using the manual method, users must go through the below-mentioned task limitation.

  • Manually the procedure takes much time to import PST to Office 365.

  • The manual method does not guarantee a complete data backup; users can face data loss.

  • Users with vast technical knowledge can only run the manual method.


Therefore, users willing to upload PST to Office 365 can try the professional tool to begin the task.


Migrate PST to Office 365 professionally.


All the users who wish to upload PST to Office 365 hastily are looking for a professional third-party tool for the whole process. By using Shoviv PST to Office 365 migration tool, the process will be completed quickly, and all the technical and non-technical users will be able to run the task. Here we are sharing the steps to run the task. 

  • First, download and install your system's Shoviv PST to Office 365 migration tool.

  • Now click the add OST/ PST file option from the ribbon bar.

  • After that, a dialogue box will open before you, and here you are supposed to select the file type.

  • After that, tap the add icon and Add/ Search PST file.

  • Now go through the required PST files and hit the Next option; then, on the left side of the source list, the selected list will appear.

  • Post that under the Export OST/ PST file option, hit the Office 365 option.

  • After that, click on check/ uncheck subfolders and click the Next button.

  • Later on, the Export into Office 365 dialogue box will appear. Before going there, enter the required details and click the Next option.

  • After that, you are supposed to map PST files with Office 365 and hit the next button.

  • A filter page will appear on the next window where users can apply filters based on message class and date range.

  • Hit the advanced option for email, translation, and folder mapping; users can also boost the item fetching speed.

  • Later, click on the Ok option and then on the Next option, and then the process to upload PST to Office 365 will begin.

  • Lastly, the software will display the full report of the task and then users can tap on the Finish option.




There are various software available for users to begin with the process, but it is up to users they rely on which tool. Only some tools guarantee users for complete migration of their data. Therefore, using the above-cited tool, users can successfully upload PST to Office 365. Download the free demo version to learn everything about the software.