Thursday, July 27, 2023

2 Effective Solutions to Convert EML to MBOX File Format


In this blog, we will present the most explored question of how to convert EML to an MBOX file by using an effective solution without any hassle and losing integrity. Additionally, end of this article I will provide you with the most popular EML File Converter Tool. But before this, we will discuss the meaning of converting EML and MBOX files. 

What is the Meaning of EML and MBOX?

EML: EML file is taken by the email clients, it is generally used in file format by most of the email clients. It allows you to store email messages separately and carry sender and receiver details along with the date, subject, and so on.

Windows Live Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, and so many others support the EML file format. Microsoft launches the EML file format and it operates the Internet Message Format syntax for saving text messages. 

MBOX: The users can open MBOX files with specific software. The MBOX files save various messages that are combined in a single file as simple text. Almost all email clients support the MBOX file format. MBOX file format saves messages in the attached format, where per message is listed one behind another. This file format comes under the variety of database files that you can open in all text editors, like Notepad, Atom, and Text Editor.

2 Solutions to Convert EML to MBOX Files

With the help of two methods, you can export EML to MBOX files. The first solution is the Manual method and the second is the third third-party solution. Let’s begin the discussion of the EML file to MBOX conversion solutions. 

1 Solution: EML to MBOX Conversion With Thunderbird Application

Mozilla Thunderbird email client application is available to all users without investing any money into it. It is an open-source medium where you can configure other email clients as well in a trouble-free way. So, one can take the use of this application to begin converting EML files to MBOX file format.

Step 1: Configure the Account in Mozilla Thunderbird

1.     To be beginning, download and install the Mozilla Thunderbird application and then run the application on your PC. 

2.     After that, configure the email address and make a new account. ( mention credentials like user id, password, and email address).

3.     When the account is configured, your account and folders will be shown in the left panel of Mozilla Thunderbird. 

4.     Next, make a new folder { Tap right on the local foders}

5.     Then, drag and drop the EML file into the new folder. 

6.     Finally, your EML file will be successfully saved in the Mozilla Thunderbird.

Step 2: Try the Add On Featured in Mozilla Thunderbird

1.     You have to go to the tools and then click on the Add-ons and Themes. 

2.     After that, find ImportExportTools NG and then tap on Add to Thunderbird.

3.     After installation of the Add-on then restart the Thunderbird. 

4.     Next, hit the right button on the EML file folder 

5.     Tap on the ImportExportTools NG.

6.     Choose an Export folder and then decide the path to store your EML files in MBOX file format. 

7.     Click on the save button.

8.     Go to the saved destination and then you can view your MBOX files. 

9.     Think about it, applying the same steps when you have a bulk of EML files. It is quite a struggle, therefore, to save your time and I would like to recommend you use a third-party solution to convert EML files to MBOX.

2 Solution: Convert EML to MBOX With Third-Party Solution

Many professionals suggest a third-party solution. If you convert EML to MBOX Mac files using this method then it is mandatory that you know the most secure tool if you don’t then I would suggest you a tool which is EML File Converter Tool. This tool is an amazing tool and trustworthy tool that assists you to convert EML files to MBOX without losing data and changing the content. 

Why Did You Choose EML File Converter

  • This tool allows you to convert EML files to MBOX along with other file formats such as PDF, PST, MSG, etc without any hassle. 
  • It is extremely finest tool because it can import EML files into multiple email clients for example Gmail, Yahoo, Thunderbird, Outlook, and so many others.
  • Another benefit of this tool is that it converts EML to MBOX files including attachments items like emails, calendars, contacts, and so on. 
  • It is capable to convert the bulk of EML files and emails to MBOX file format. 

How to Run Third-Party Solution Tool to Convert EML to MBOX File

1.     In the first step, download and install the EML File Converter Tool on your machine and then choose single or multiple file options according to your wants. 

2.     Browse and choose EML files that you need to convert to MBOX file format, Click the open button. 

3.     After that, your choosable file will be displayed on your application window. 

4.     Next, click the next button, and then from the new tab you can preview your all emails and files with their attachments.

5.     Then, Choose the file format in which you need to store EML files like MBOX n this conversion. 

6.     You can also use the Mail Filter option to select your particular mailboxes. 

7.     Then, give the folder path where you want to store the converted files. 

8.     Hit on the convert option to begin the transformation process. 

9.     In the last step, In a while, your EML files will be converted into MBOX file format and then the log report will be saved for the whole process. 


In the above article, We discussed the both methods manual method as well as third party solution method. In the manual method, there are chances to damage the files, and takes too much time but only when if you cannot even try to learn the technical study, and if you do not want to face that type of problem then you can go with the third party solution to convert EML to MBOX files. It is all your choice both methods are effective it depends on your ability.