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Best Ways to Repair Outlook PST Files

Best Ways to Repair Outlook PST Files

Organizations send or receive a lot of emails throughout the day, which Outlook stores in PST files. So, when the PST file gets corrupted for any reason, users want to repair Outlook PST files before it affects other data. Most of the time, it becomes challenging for users to access the PST file data, and the repairing task becomes compulsory to process.

With the help of this guide, we will deliver information on the best solutions to do the PST file repairing task. Kindly read this guide until the end to get a simplified way to fix your corrupt PST files.

What are the factors that make a PST file corrupt?

PST files can get unhealthy due to a few common reasons, and users want a solution to repair Outlook PST files to secure their other data. Users can read the below points to understand the reasons behind the PST file corruption.

  • If the size of the PST file is larger, then there are always chances of getting the PST file unhealthy.
  • Many users abruptly close the MS Outlook program, which is also a cause of the PST file corruption.
  • In case you are dealing with hardware issues, this can also lead the PST file to corruption.
  • If viruses attack our system, there are also chances of PST files damaging and making your data inaccessible.

Due to these few common reasons, the PST file gets unhealthy, and users need to repair PST file instantly. The PST file can corrupt for more factors that can be particular for each user.

A Few solutions to repair Microsoft Outlook PST files

The help of two solutions, manual and professional, will be helpful in repairing Outlook PST files. Outlook offers a native solution (formerly known as ScanPST.exe utility) to repair Outlook data files. Users need an Outlook PST Repair Tool if they want to complete this task with the help of a professional solution. We will provide users with the stepwise procedure of both solutions in the next section.

The Manual technique to fix corrupt Outlook data files?

Users can use the ScanPST.exe utility to repair Outlook PST files and make the PST file data accessible. ScanPST.exe is located in the user’s system, which they can find using the screenshot below to find the ScanPST.exe utility in the system.


Once you find the utility in your system, follow the below steps and complete the PST file repairing task.

Step 1: Double-tap on the ScanPST.exe to open it.

Step 2: Click the Browse button and select the PST file to repair.

Step3: Tap the Start button to begin the PST file scanning process.

Step 4: Click the Repair to fix PST files after finishing the scanning task.

Step 5: When the PST file repairing task is completed, tap the OK button.

What are the drawbacks of the manual trick?

Users can face numerous problems to repair Outlook PST files using the manual solution. The below points will help users to understand all the issues that they are going to face when processing this task manually.

  • Users can only process a limited 2 GB PST file size using the manual method. It is difficult for users who have PST files larger than 2 GB to repair manually.
  • If the PST file is highly corrupted, the ScanPST.exe may fail to repair PST file as it only repairs minor damaged PST files.
  • Technical expertise is so important for users to handle the complete procedure of repairing PST files manually.
  • The manual trick can affect the folder hierarchy and meta properties of the data while repairing the Outlook PST files.

Users can face more issues with the manual solution to repair Outlook PST files, so they must choose an alternative method to do this task effectively.

How to repair Outlook PST files using a professional tool?

To eliminate the difficulties of the manual solution, users can try the Shoviv Outlook PST Repair Tool. This software allows users to process large-sized PST files without any file count restriction. There will be no change in the folder hierarchy and integrity of the data while repairing Outlook PST files. It provides a filter option that users can use to select the desired items to process.

Users can also repair Outlook 2016 PST file using this professional third-party software. This software offers numerous file formats to save the repaired PST file data. Users can save PST to EML, MSG, HTML, RTF, and other file formats. It is easy for users to set the size for the resultant PST file as the tool provides a splitter option.

The tool offers a user-friendly user interface, which allows all users to repair Outlook PST files effectively. It provides a preview of the entire PST file data, such as emails, contacts, calendars, etc., before beginning this repairing task.

So, what are the steps to repair the PST file professionally?

Users can repair Outlook 2016 PST file or any other Outlook version PST file by following the below-given steps. So, follow them carefully and complete this task easily.

Step 1: Launch Outlook PST Repair Tool in your system.

Step2: Tap the Add PST files option.

Step 3: Check the Advanced Scan option after selecting the desired PST file and click OK.

Step4: After that, choose the Outlook PST option from the ribbon bar.

Step 5: Select/deselect the subfolders from the list and click Next to continue.

Step6: Choose the option to save PST file data in Existing PST or a new one. Then tap the Next button.

Step 7: Use the Filter option by applying message class or date-wise criteria and go to the Advance option.

Step 8: Make changes according to your need, click OK, and then continue with the Next button.

Step9: The process will begin in the following wizard; tap OK after completing the task.

Summing Up

ScanPST.exe utility and Shoviv professional tool are two solutions that we explained in this blog to repair Outlook PST files quickly and securely. However, the manual method is less effective than you think; it has several limitations. We advise users to try the Shoviv professional tool to complete this task instantly. Users can also try its free demo version that allows processing the first 50 items from each folder of the PST files for free.