Tuesday, September 26, 2023

4 Excellent Elfsight Alternatives You Need To Know In 2023

One of the popular names among the social media widget providers is Elfsight. It is one of the go-to choices for numerous business owners.

Elfsight is known for its user-friendly interface and offers a variety of features to create a fully functional and attractive widget. Adding this widget to the website helps businesses boost their website functionality and offer a great user experience. 

However, businesses are exploring other Elfsight alternatives as there are a lot of options available in the market. That will help them to pick the best one as per their unique requirement and budget. 

This article will cover some of the best Elfsight alternatives in 2023 that offer more or less similar features and functionality. We will briefly explain the key features and pricing of each of them so that you can have clearer knowledge for making an informed decision. Get along to explore each of the alternatives. 

Here Are The 4 Top Elfsight Alternatives For 2023

Business owners are always in search of alternative cost-effective options or a product that comes with features that will fulfill their unique needs and also bring successful growth. So, let’s begin exploring the top Elfsight alternatives that will help you to compare and give you a reason to make the switch. 

1. Tagembed 

Starting the list with one the best Elsight alternatives in the market which is Tagembed looking into its features and price. This is one of the best social media aggregator tools that seamlessly collect, curate and embed content from different social media platforms in a single widget. It is then displayed on the website making it interactive and engaging to your visitors. 

With Tagembed you can update the feeds on the website regularly to attract the attention of the customers. By showing a variety of posts on the website it will keep your visitors engaged. This fully functional tool will help you monitor each of the contents that you have displayed on your website. It provides different services like social media widgets, review widget, story widgets, and album widgets. Its advanced content filter feature helps users filter out unwanted content easily. Let's look into its features and pricing. 

Key Features

  • Analytics.
  • Responsive widgets.
  • Automatically updates the content of the website.
  • Advanced content filter option.
  • Customer engagement.
  • Multi-user collaboration.


Talking about its pricing it comes with four pricing options. The lite is the free option. It gives first-time users a chance to take a free trial of the tool and take leverage of its multiple features. And, the other three pricing options of Tagembed are basic, pro, and plus which come between the price range of $10 to $60 per month. 

2. EmbedSocial

EmbedSocial is the second among the top Elfsight alternatives. It is another excellent tool that will help you to display your best social media content on the website and boost its credibility. Not only credibility you can also bring traffic to your website and enhance the reach of your social media platform as well. This helps you to get a better ranking on the search engines and raise your brand awareness. 

EmbedSocial supports all the major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and lets you integrate the best content from them for you to be displayed on the website. Showcasing the best social media content on your website will impress and attract your potential customers. 

Key Features 

  • Scheduling posts.
  • Publish automatically.
  • Collect reviews through Email or SMS.
  • Reporting and analytics.
  • Collects and displays reviews on Shopify.


It has four different pricing options. For social media aggregators, Instagram stories platform reviews management software, and embed Facebook albums. Its price ranged from $19 to $29 per month. 

3. Juicer

The juicer is another powerful Elfsight alternative that helps you aggregate the best social media content on the website. The tool comes with a variety of designs, styles, and layouts that will help your widget look appealing. 

It makes your website look attractive by letting you display all the appealing social media content. It also allows users to create a great review widget that you can embed on the website to showcase reviews, which is a great social proof to your visitors. 

Key Features

  • Collect content from different social media platforms.
  • Curate and moderate the contents.
  • Easily customizable option.
  • Quick customer support.


It comes with three different ranges of pricing. Medium, large, and enterprise. The most popular one is the large one. The price range varies between $19 to $200 per month. 

4. Flockler

The fourth-best Elfsight alternative in 2023 is the Flockler. It is one of the oldest social media aggregator tools in the market. It provides users with various attractive features. Different features come in different price range that helps to make your website look lively to your visitors. 

It comes with different layouts like a carousel, grid, and slideshows that help to display your content in your preferred style. It also helps you to create social walls for different events and brand campaigns.

Key Features

  • Different options for easy designs.
  • No page view limit.
  • Activity dashboard.
  • Content caching.


It has a different pricing plan. The basic plan of Flockler is $94 per month. Other than that, it comes in lite, business, pro, and premium pricing plans that range from $50 to $500 per month. 

Summing Up

Leverage the power of social media to improve the reputation of your brand and reach new heights. This article has guided you with the list of some of the top Elfsight alternatives that will help businesses to create and embed attractive social media widgets on their website. 

Choose the best Elfsight alternative from the above list as per the requirement of your brand, evaluating the key features and price range of each tool. These are the tools that are trusted by the brands globally.