Thursday, November 11, 2021

How To Remove QuickBooks Error 15106 in QuickBooks Latest Version?

How to remove QuickBooks Error 15106 in QuickBooks latest version?

Receiving QuickBooks 15106 Error in QuickBooks latest version and don’t know what to do? We can help. Since QuickBooks Error 15016 majorly affects the payroll update function, it should be treated as a priority.

Furthermore, it indicates Error 15106: Damaged update program or update can’t be performed on the system. Today, we’ll explore the factors causing QB Error 15106 and the solutions that are effective to fix it in QB’s latest version.


Reasons Leading To QuickBooks Error 15106

QuickBooks Error 15106 emerges when users try to update their QuickBooks or payroll, causing users a massive time brunch and reducing overall work productivity. Following are the reasons that lead to QuickBooks Update Error 15106 appearance.

    When users don’t have admin credentials while updating the payroll or software.

    Third-party antivirus or windows defender’s inappropriate configuration.

    Restrictive Settings under “User Account Control”.

    Inappropriate QuickBooks Installation.


Effective Solutions To Fix QuickBooks Error 15106

After exploring the reasons that lead to QuickBooks Error 15106, you can perform the specific solution for the issue.

However, it is recommended to perform every below-mentioned solution chronologically to remove the QuickBooks Update Error 15106 from QuickBooks.


Solution 1: Applying Administrator Credentials

Having admin credentials is a necessity in treating every QuickBooks error including the QB error 15106.

Therefore, apply admin credentials to your system and then run your QuickBooks as admin. Here’s how:

    Tap “Start” and input “Control Panel” in the blank search field.

    Thereafter, click “User-Accounts” and then, re-tap on “User-Accounts”.

    Next, ensure if the account type is “Admin”.

    Afterward, visit the homepage of your system and locate the “QuickBooks” icon.

    Now, right-tap the icon and select the “Run as admin” option for your QuickBooks.


Solution 2: Disable Your UAC

The restrictive settings of User Account Control lead to malfunctioning in QuickBooks. Hence, causing the QuickBooks Error 15106. Disable the UAC by following:

    Firstly, hold “Win+R” to access the Run command.

    Thereafter, input “Control Panel” inside the text field and press “Enter”.

    Now, when the Control Panel appears, select “User Account Control”.

    Afterward, hit “User-Account Control Settings”.

    Finally, drag the slider in the directions of “Never Notify” and tap “Ok”.


Solution 3: Disabling Antivirus For Renaming Your QuickBooks Update Folder

Renaming the QuickBooks Update Folder commonly solves the QuickBooks 15106 Error issue.

However, users must disable their antivirus first and then rename their QB Update Folder. Follow:

    Firstly, hold “Ctrl+Shift+Esc” to access the Windows Task Manager.

    Thereafter, visit “Processes” and locate your antivirus from the list.

    Afterward, select your antivirus and hit “End-Task”.

    Now, the antivirus is disabled and you are required to rename the QB update folder.

    Visit “C: drive” on your system.

    Then, launch these folders sequentially:

    “Program Files”.


    “QuickBooks (Year)”.

    “Components Folder”.

    Thereafter, right-tap on the update folder entitled “DownloadQB21” or DownloadQB20”.

    Next, hit “Rename” and add “old” in their name.

Finally, launch your QuickBooks and ensure if the QB Error 15106 continues.


Solution 4: Reset QuickBooks Updates

An improper or inappropriate QuickBooks update is a major factor leading to QuickBooks Update Error 15106 occurrence.

Reset your QuickBooks Updates and then perform a fresh update to fix the QuickBooks Error 15106 by following:

    Launch “QuickBooks Desktop”.

    Visit the “Help” icon from the dashboard.

    Thereafter, hit “Update-QuickBooks”.

    Now, from the “Options” tab, click the “Mark all” icon.

    Afterward, tap “Save” and visit “Update Now”.

    Finally, tick “Reset-Update” and then hit “Get-Updates”.


Solution 5: Repair Your QuickBooks Desktop Installation

If the QuickBooks Desktop is installed inappropriately, it is likely to cause many other QuickBooks issues such as QuickBooks Error 15241 and malfunctioning of the software itself.

Therefore, repair your QB desktop installation by performing the following outlined steps:

    Hold “Win+R” on your system and input “appwiz.cpl”.

    Then, press “Enter”.

    Now, you’ll be redirected to uninstall a program tab.

    Select, QuickBooks from there.

    Click “Uninstall”.

    Now, on the uninstallation wizard, mark the “Repair/Radio” icon.

    Finally, perform the given directions and finish repairing your QB desktop.


Solution 6: Launching QuickBooks Tool Hub

QuickBooks Tool Hub contains multiple tools that are beneficial in diagnosing and treating numerous errors including QuickBooks Update Error 15106 on your system.

Users must download this beneficial tool and perform the repairing tools that are included with it. Here’s how:

    Download “QuickBooks Tool Hub” on your system.

    Thereafter, install and launch it.

    Now, select “Program Issues” and tap “QuickFix My-Program” from there.

Performing these steps will let the Tool Hub automatically detect and treat any program-related issue and help eliminate the QuickBooks 15106 error from QuickBook's latest version.


Wrapping Up

Hopefully, the content provided to you will help you understand the factors that lead to QuickBooks Error 15106. Moreover, the solutions offered to you are tested and approved by our experts in eliminating the QB error 15106 from QuickBook’s latest version.