Sunday, December 19, 2021

Role of Expert Android Developers in Creating Mobile Application for Target Audience

Creating Mobile Application for Target Audience

Over the years, we have become increasingly dependent on mobile apps. After all, having these apps on the go helps us stay informed, aware, and most importantly connected to our near and dear ones. Not to miss out on entertainment, we would have been nowhere, had we not relied on these easy-to-use apps. 

But it must be borne in mind that creating a mobile application for a target audience is a tough job. From ideating, deciding on the utility, and then chalking out a plan for the app, to its designs, and finally, the development costs- there are several steps that app developers have to look into.

As per records, there’s massive competition to secure the attention of mobile users. Despite 2.7 million apps present in Google Play Store alone, and another 2.2 million in the App Store, we use only 9-10 apps daily. This can extend to 30 at the most monthly! Now that should be a concern for most apps and the developers, simply because there’s no business need or the purpose of utilizing them is scarce.

How to make your app successful?

For Android developers, the goal must be how they can reach the target audience right; via the mobile apps, they develop. Also, they must be able to create a successful story. Remember, a successful app is a blend of three aspects- the product, the user, and the overall market. Combining these factors, you can expect to offer users, uniqueness, and flexibility in usage, optimum performance, and definitely, accessibility.

The way to Create Mobile Application for a Target Audience

The first thing that you should know is your audience. Identify users and look for stats and insights. You can check what’s trending, put your queries on the forum and even conduct polls, if needed. Now try setting up an MVP version of the mobile app and the feedback will help you gauge how far the app will function well. Ideally, collect all the demographic data like age, gender, location, educational and social backgrounds, and more. After you gain a proper idea about users’ choices and behaviors, start ideating. Don’t forget to narrow down the target audience. A large and diverse section of the population is no doubt inspiring, but the focus should be on the reach.

Second, ensure you discuss the range of features available. The time you invested thinking about what should go into the app and then visualizing how it will look like or what it will accomplish will give you a fair idea about boosting its operations. There are several aspects like notifications, social sharing, and payments, without which your app won’t function. But rather than focusing on these, boil it down to the very reason for developing your app. Think of useful features and how they can prove useful in the long run. Your core app idea is an important factor. But move away from that bring the features to the fore. Most importantly, every add-on or integration you make can cost you a fortune! So be careful about the budget.

Third, choose the right technology to produce the maximum impact of the app. If you hire VE's android app developer from India for the app, chances are he will suggest you three main options- cross-platform native app, platform-specific native app, and hybrid app. Depending on the use and requirement, the expert can choose any.

Fourth, the design should be simple and intuitive. This applies to both B2B and B2C apps. The need for a fuss-free UX and UI works to the advantage of the user in multiple ways. For example, a simple UI creates no barrier for the data that the user consumes while using the app. On the other hand, an intuitive UX is quite easy to use.


A mobile app can take considerable time in showing the expected results. The aim should be on creating mobile applications for a target audience, but not losing out on hope or patience. 

The real challenge lies in the up-gradation and inclusion of all such aspects that can produce a lasting impact on users, and definitely a feel-good experience. But your work will be done to a certain extent if you manage to hire VE's android app developer from Indiaor someone with similar proficiency.

With creative marketers dominating the market largely, app development has become a collaborative task. Thanks to engineers, designers, and creative heads, we now have world-class apps at our fingertips.