How to Import/Export Offline OST to Thunderbird (Completely Free)

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How to Import/Export Offline OST to Thunderbird (Completely Free)

Thinking about converting Offline OST to Thunderbird for free? If “Yes” then you’re welcome here because in this blog you will get complete knowledge about how to convert offline OST to Thunderbird by using two completely different methods (manual method and professional method). 

It doesn’t matter whether you are having a single OST file or a folder of OST files, by using the methods you can convert OST to Thunderbird completely free. 

Jumping from one email client to another email client is not as easy task as it seems. It is more complicated now. Although there are manual methods that help to convert OST to Thunderbird they require technical knowledge to execute. 

Thunderbird is a free email client so, it is taken in used by the so many business organization, personals, and individuals are using it. But, the problem arises when the user finds they are unable to move OST to Thunderbird.

Now we discuss the several reasons to convert OST files to Thunderbird and then we discuss the manual method and professional methods to export OST to Thunderbird.

Reasons to Convert OST file to Thunderbird

Well there are so many reasons to export OST to Thunderbird one of the we are discussed above that it is free to use. Now we discuss the some other reasons to convert OST file to Thunderbird.

1.     Easy and interactive user interface.

2.     Chat integration with channels.

3.     Ability to store large mailboxes without affecting performance.

4.     Setting up a mail account.

There are a number of advanced features that come with Thunderbird. But, due to some security concerns business organizations choose Outlook over Thunderbird.

Manual Method to Export OST File to Thunderbird

Before importing OST file to MBOX file format, it is important to convert OST file into PST. When you convert OST to PST then you will be able to access the OST file into Thunderbird. It’s a time-consuming process. You have to be patient and follow each step carefully one by one.

Two Important Steps to Import OST to Thunderbird

1)   Convert OST to PST

2)   Export PST files and import MBOX files

(Attention:- There is no manual method to export OST to Thunderbird directly to import OST to Thunderbird you have to follow the given steps carefully)

Steps to Convert OST to PST

    Open MS Outlook on your system.

    Then go to File>> Open and Export>> Import and Export.

    Now choose the Export to file option and hit the next button.

    After this select the Outlook Data File(.pst) and click on the next button.

    Now select the folder that you want to export from the mailbox, then click on the next button.

    Lastly, browse and choose the location to save the resultant PST file and click on the next button to start the saving process.

Export PST files and import MBOX files

    Click on default programs>>Set your default programs and choose Outlook as your default program for sending and receiving mail.

    Now run thunderbird and then select the thunderbird menu option.

    After this open tool menu and go to the thunderbird option.

    Select Outlook as saving destination and click on the next button.

    Lastly click on the finish button to end the import process.

By following the above instructions you can convert successfully export OST to Thunderbird. Although manual methods are very complex and techie and their is a high chances of loosing data. Some of the other limitations are given below. 

Limitation of Manual Method to Export OST file to MBOX

    You can not convert OST to MBOX directly. Before converting the OST file to MBOX you need to convert OST to MBOX first.

    To execute the manual method you must need to have technical knowledge to convert OST files. Other it is not suitable for non-technical users.

    If you are choosing the manual method then there is a high chance of data loss due to viruses, net connection loss and internal bugs.

To avoid all the complications and to import OST files to MBOX we have a smart professional method to open OST files in Thunderbird. This professional method is 100% safe and secure and you don’t need to long manual method. So, let’s discuss the advantages of the professional method and then we discuss how to import OST to Thunderbird step by step.

Professional Solution to Import OST File into Thunderbird

Advantages of Using Professional Solution

 By using the professional method to convert OST files into different file formats such as PST, MBOX, MSG, EML, EMLX, CSV, TXT, PNG, DOC, DOCM, and DOCX.

 It supports importing OST files to Thunderbird without installing the Exchange Profile and net connection.

   By using the professional tool you can easily OST mailbox to Windows Live Mail.

   Export OST files to Thunderbird, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Zoho Mail, Apple Mail, Postbox, etc.

 You can use all the versions of Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, and its below version. 

There “n” number of benefits which you can get after using the professional tool. Now we learn how to export OST file to thunderbird.

Steps to Convert OST to Thunderbird

    Download and install the OST to PST Converter Software and then run it is an administrator.

    Then select the option to single file or multiple file to browse the OST file and click on the next button.